Thursday, June 30, 2005

rugrat update

because i forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste i just stole a brush (it was new) and just brushed my teeth with princess pink bubble gum toothpaste. you have no idea the awesomeness behind that experience. too bad the toothbrush wasn't a princess pink toothbrush, my life would have been complete.

shampooing pour bebes

avec lavande naturelle

for today and tomorrow i am babysitting jodi's kids while she and rob take an anniversary trip. happy anniversary.

so, they left like way early this morning and i could still hear the garage door going down when - for some reason i look at the bedroom door and i see a figure standing there. now i had been warned that brooke will get in bed with you in the middle of the night but this information, in no way, kept every hair on my body from standing on end. i swear it was like something out of poltergeist, at least that is all i could think of at the time. i even kept repeating to myself 'it's just the kid, it's just the kid' and i finally did calm.

so, two days of children's programming!!! awesome.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

'i did it all for the nookie'

ok, so, like i am in love with the shoes i have on today but i am positive i will hate them by the end of the day. (pictures later)

i have my new digital camera with me today but of course no way of hooking it up to my computer. that is just how i roll.

i am podcasting right now and after 3minutes i am totally addicted. the guy is all rambling on about mexican restaurants in the south and then he said 'fuck' - gotta love that! you don't get that stuff on regular radio. plus there is one that is called 'bedtime stories with the anti-christ' - i don't care who you are, you gotta love that.

random conversations w/my sister:

me: hey, member when we had that lower ball joint recall?
kit-kat: omg
kit-kat: sersly


me: member that time we went to (friend's name)'s non-wedding?
kit-kat: totally

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

what? who me?

lately i have felt like i am living outside of my body - like i have been watching myself and not actually living. so, hence the lack of updates.

last birther update:
1 - taken to lunch, mexican - rock
2 - bouquet of flowers - gorgeous
3 - was made dinner - best meal ever
4 - iron - awesome
5 - ironing board - described as 'space-age looking' (wouldn't know have not seen it yet) so it sounds awesome anyhow
6 - digital camera - woohoo - no more 1-hour (except it really takes 3 days) film development
7 - margarita recipe book - watch out - except i've no margarita glasses or supplies
8 - money - always kick ass
9 - money again - always kick ass again
10 - dvds of fav shoes - yea
11 - pyrex bowl w/handle and lid - watch out, air mixing ahead
12 - tupperware (nice and clean and unused) - sweet
13 - rumikube - bam,bam,bam,bam,bam
14 - other kitchen things - good

so - excellent birthday!

in a week's time i have had the pleasure at dining at all of the following:

atlanta athletic club, ambra, tijuana garage, ted's montana grill, grape, el dorado, homemade meal consisting of lamb chops, goat cheese mashed potatoes, tomato and mozzarella cheese salad, broccoli with cheesecake and berries for dessert - w/whipped topping of course.

i have been uber spoiled.

ok - must work now. i shall update at a later date. . .

Friday, June 24, 2005

'what? i forgot my pencil'

normally, when i drive, i go fast and weave thru traffic - trying to just get where i am going.

not this morning.

i was cruising along not really paying attention to where i was and wishing the drive would, somehow, be longer than normal so i could stay in my deep thoughts and continue to listen to my current song addiction at an alarming volume.

lately i have been addicted to 'fall to pieces' by avril lavigne - i know, shut up and i don't wanna hear about it.

birthday update:
1 - joann gift card - 'for your crafts' - too funny
2 - taken to dinner - deliscioso
3 - one book of short stories, one restaurant journal thingie, one reading journal thingie - very cool

Thursday, June 23, 2005

birthday plus

i forgot to mention the borders gift card - good

and then today i got taken to lunch, several phone calls and cards

thank you to everyone!

god these posts suck - once the b-day crap is over, i shall be back to myself.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


so i completely forgot to mention the trip to heaven after our dinner monday night, but now - i don't really care about it anymore.

well, it's my birthday - if you can believe that. i messed with my hair too much this morning (it just wouldn't part correctly) and there is a frizzy bit right on top - ugg.

so i have done a minimal amount of work today and i currently am iming with 4 different folks.

last night i was taken (not in the 'against my will' variety) to tijuana garage (well, i picked it) and it was good but extremely far away. so far, for my bday i have, so far, recieved:

1 - 2 dinners - deliscioso
2 - pedicure kit thingie - cool
3 - sweet pea body splash - very good
4 - apron, kitchen towl & hand soap - wtf?
5 - a yellow rose - neutral/ugg

my left shoe is making a weirdo noise this morning

i hate it when my cell phone goes from fully charged to semi-charged. i always get disappointed when i don't see all the little bars.

last night we went to ambra for a celebratory dinner for my sister's roommate, amanda's and my birthday. it is down in the industrial district and for most of our outing we were the only ones there. i am not even lying. we were literally the only ones. so, we walk in and the host/waiter/server/bartender/busboy seats us. so we were waiting on one member of our party and when she walked in and we all wave at her like she won't be able to see us otherwise. we all order drinks, appetizers and salads. so 2 appetizers, 4 salads, 5 entrees, 11 drinks, 5 coffees and 4 desserts later the conversation is turns to sex and toys (specifically - vibrators). plus - of course it does.

things said:
1 - 'someone is coming in a bowl' (this was in reference to the dessert served in a bowl and not at all meant sexually but of course taken that way)
2 - 'i don't have a vibrator but i take care of things otherwise. and i just said that really loudly' (extended period of laughing)
3 - 'those two are the sluts'

gifts i recieved:
1 - rose teapot with a butterfly on top - so cute
2 - a case thingie for my ipod that absorbs shock - the most perfect gift for me ever

Monday, June 20, 2005

happy birthday amanda!!!!

sometimes i think my car is trying to make me sneeze. sometimes when i get in it i get this feeling in my nose, like i need to sneeze. i can sense some sort of something in the air, not a smell so much as a sensation, a trying to make you sneeze sensation.

so, do you sometimes realize that a name of something really makes no sense? or is just incredible dumb and non-descriptive. like stone mountain - yea what else are mountains made out of? it just hit me this weekend 'stone mountain' god that's lame. also, i have always hated red lobster - that is so stupid. red. . . lobster. for so many years i have just accepted these lame names but no more! i shall start rejecting them!

i could describe my weekend but it really isn't worth it. except i am horrified at what i actually ate for dinner last night.

Friday, June 17, 2005

people suck plus

i just love being guilted into going out and drinking.

why can't people just let you not go out all the time.

why do people suck?

this is the question posed by my sister last evening. i was sitting (annoyedly) in a friend's car when my cell phone should ring. the conversation went something like the following:

me: 'hello'
katie: 'why do people buy little sporty cars and then only drive them 5 miles/hour?'
me: 'i have no idea, but i hate that - why do they do that?'
katie: 'i am behind this guy in a sports car and he is driving so slow. you know when there is 12 car lengths between you and the car in front of you - there is a problem. people suck!'
me: 'yea, and why do people insist on dragging you along to run all their errands'
katie: 'i don't know but i am about to be doing the same thing! people suck!'
me: 'i hate that, i don't make you go on errands with me - don't make me go with you!'

i always feel trapped because they get me in their car and make me go 8 other places than the one they promised we were going to - don't do that! then katie proceeds to tell me how she is meeting a friend that is about to make her do the same thing and we discuss how we both have to go to target but we aren't telling the respective friends and are doing it after we leave them. weird

so i am super hungry and waiting on my pizza to heat up. hurry up pizza!

friday underwear check: yes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

'oh Him, as in the big H'

yesterday morning i got a bit of soap in my eye - so my eye was soapy all day long. i think it is all gone now.

dear mom,
stop buying pillsbury crescent rolls. you have 4 cans in the refrigerator. plus nobody eats them.

love, anna

i realized this morning that my birthday is next week - uugg

i have on the supergirls today - they are of the cheeky variety

and boy are they

last night i found snoopy ones and today i purchased scooby doo's

dear anna,
stop buying underwear

love, your checking account

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

undies update

i am in love with my new underwear.

i also got supergirl flavor and i am pretty sure i am going to go back and get others.

'i got lance in my pants'

i have on new underwear today and

it is wrong

just wrong

all sorts of wrong

first of all it is a drastically different style than i am used to - don't worry, they are not thongs, they are the little shorts kind.

secondly, they are hello kitty flavored - and i just realized the ramifications of that choice.

and by 'flavored' i mean that is what is printed on them and no, i did not - in fact - taste my underwear

so, tuesday, new underwear, hilarity insues

Monday, June 13, 2005

jesus christ!

this day is sucking a major fucking royal asshole and i fear it is only going to get worse

plus it is only 12:18pm

11:01am update

i just got sniffed by a co-worker



this is going to be a snoozer!

friday night we went to the movies and saw lords of dogtown and mr. & mrs. smith. lords of dogtown was really good and i really liked mr. & mrs. smith.

saturday i went to a baby shower and then took gifts to a friend who's baby shower i missed and then went to a 1 year old's birthday party. it was baby day for me.

sunday i finished (finally) 'catch-22' and then read (and finished) 'every boy's got one' by meg cabot and then started reading the 2nd pants book. then went to dinner with jodi.

80 days until football!!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

ipod happenings

i was way rocking the koRn this morning and once i got to work i promptly downloaded 'darling nikki' by prince so that shall be enjoyed a little later today.

pizza, french fries, pizza, french fries

have you ever owned something for several years and then realize all of the sudden one day that it has an added function you never noticed before?

this morning i was lying in bed contemplating life and thinking about sex and i reached my hand inside my pillow case and felt some extra material. i couldn't figure out what the heck it was. on further inspection i determined that it has a little pouchie thing that covers the exposed part of your pillow at the open end, leaving your pillow unexposed. so that was cool.

the jeans i have on today - i don't like them anymore.

if you could have any superhero power. . .what would it be?

i am pretty sure i would like to be able to be invisible.

i am way amped today - with no real reason why.

tonight we are going to see the lords of dogtown and mr. and mrs. smith - super psyched, lots of hotties!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

. . .and i want all my shit back too!

yesterday, gym, new boyfriend

his name - dunno

i shall call him


for he really is a greek god - although he has blonde hair and don't greeks have dark coloring?

anyway, i haven't seen jt in a while and as i was walking on the treadmill yesterday 'thor' walked in, man did he walk in - so until jt can make time for me, we are thru

i am feeling sad today without any real reason as to why.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

holding pattern

i am a overspecifier. i go to great lengths (to the point of obnoxiousness) to be specific - example: a group of us were going out to a club one night and one of the party goers calls me and the following conversation occurs:

fellow partygoer: 'we are running late, we will meet you in the parking lot'
anna: 'blah blah club parking lot?'
fellow partygoer: 'yea'

10 minutes pass
anna: to myself 'yes the blah blah club parking lot - what other parking lot dumbass?'

i have a strange group of friends - not to say the friends are strange individually - but the group as a whole is odd. who am i kidding - it is actually both.

so i have several friends who are not really friends with each other. i have just met them from all over and not together. some are married, some aren't. some have kids, some don't. but it always seems like every once in a while they ALL are off doing lovely things whilst i have been brutally rebuffed. it's like they all had made weirdo plans for the same night (ones that can't involve me) and i've nothing to do and i feel as if i am in some sort of holding pattern. and i even think this to myself when one of these things occurs 'yep, holding pattern day'. and then the next day i end up hearing from at least 3/4 of them. i am not complaining mind you - i am just saying it is strange. and then sometimes they will all call and invite me to something all the same day. and the holding pattern is over and i have permission to land, or something.

this morning i was in walmart to return something and the freak of the world was in front of me. and then she molested me. she started walking towards me - hands out and she reached over grabbed my shirt and closed it for me - she said i was gaping. i was too stunned to move. then she did all sorts of other crazy things. she proceeded to tell (mumble) me some story about being at a $1 million house last night taking measurements and there were no street lights. and then she pulled out about 8 things to return - talked AT the walmart lady, put them all back in her cart and didn't return anything then made the walmart lady pronounce her name for her and then introduced herself. i couldn't get away from her fast enough plus, i hurt my knee so i am limpy and slow in the walking dept. so i was ascared.

Monday, June 06, 2005

'you can't see me'

listen up you little bitch of a water bottle - i am sick of the top losing. you will find yourself in the recycling bin.

lunchroom update

today we have cherry cobbler

warning: parental discretion advised

there used to be a spider that lived in our mailbox (george) but i think he has moved as i have not seen him a while. then over the weekend barry showed up - a little turtle that was hanging out by the potted plants. but he was gone yesterday afternoon.

quote of the weekend: 'look, my husband can get me off'

this was in response to brandi's horror of going to a strip club. saturday was brandi's birthday and we went to wild bill's (yea - i know) anyway, that is where she wanted to go. so after a few drinks her husband's friend decides he wants to go to oasis.

so we went and stuff. this was my first time at a strip club. there were a lot more women (patrons) than i thought there would be. now, i understand the appeal of naked women and all but after about 5 minutes of watching this one girl dance for some guy i was like - enough already. i guess it could have to do with me being a girl but my experience with guys is that once they are horny they are looking to take care of the situation as soon as possible - in what ever way that may be. but again - i am a girl and in no way pretend to understand guys.

so now i guess i can say i have been to a strip club - not that i was trying to check that off the list or anything.

back to the quote - brandi was horrified that the girls were so close and naked and touching themselves and i was all 'what did you expect?' - she says 'i guess i was naive'

i don't understand her - she has even been to one before. oh well - that is brandi.

Friday, June 03, 2005


what 'life with anna' would be like

in the mean time i have found these and have purchased and QCed the strawberry shortcake flavor. they are not bad, but not as good as in 5th grade when my friends/classmates tried to convince me they were made with monkey brains.

yesterday i realized. . .

that the same day my check to the hair cut place cleared was also the same day i had good hair since it had been cut.

that is just all too interesting. . .

so i was woken up last night around 2:10am to let the dogs out. they went and did their business and i realized i had been sweating in my sleep. so, later this morning i was woken up at around 6:08am to let the dogs out again. i thought this was odd but whatever. (who knows what's in a dogs mind)

so i am all standing at the door waiting for the jumper to go out side and i step in something squishy and cold.


'please dear god, don't let it be a frog' - so i walk back over into the kitchen in search for something to clean up the mess and to get away from the potential flattened frog. i hit the lights and see i have stepped in dog shit


and i walk back over to clean up the mess and realize i have somehow missed stepping in another mess twice! - i am choosing to be thankful that it was not worse.

so that was not at all gross and super fun to do when you first wake up in the morning.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

that's just the special kind of asshole i am

i was just attacked by a moth!

i had all these lovely errands i needed (i swear i did) to run but as soon as i try to make a list - i promptly forget them all.

the other night i had a dream about my sister's roommate's co-worker (was that too many 's's and are they in the right place?) anyway, we were in the lobby of a hotel and she was in a fancy dress but there were all these plastic tie thingies in her side - like in the side of her body, not the dress and then we pulled them all out. it was like something out of the fifth element.

so that was weird and stuff.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

oh yea

i forgot to mention that i picked up 14 piles of dog shit yesterday. and i am not even lying.


i am not a animal person. . .

i am just not.

and i feel guilty about it. yesterday i had a rare treat - i got to smell like wet dog whilst getting jumped on and licked.

the dog must just hate me. he tries to play and be sweet and give affection and i pet his head for a minute and then make him get down. then he looks so sad and dejected and rejected. and then i feel guilty for not being his best friend. but not guilty enough to play with him. no i feel guilty for just admitting all this.

this morning i cut my hand on my umbrella, so that sucks.