Tuesday, June 07, 2005

holding pattern

i am a overspecifier. i go to great lengths (to the point of obnoxiousness) to be specific - example: a group of us were going out to a club one night and one of the party goers calls me and the following conversation occurs:

fellow partygoer: 'we are running late, we will meet you in the parking lot'
anna: 'blah blah club parking lot?'
fellow partygoer: 'yea'

10 minutes pass
anna: to myself 'yes the blah blah club parking lot - what other parking lot dumbass?'

i have a strange group of friends - not to say the friends are strange individually - but the group as a whole is odd. who am i kidding - it is actually both.

so i have several friends who are not really friends with each other. i have just met them from all over and not together. some are married, some aren't. some have kids, some don't. but it always seems like every once in a while they ALL are off doing lovely things whilst i have been brutally rebuffed. it's like they all had made weirdo plans for the same night (ones that can't involve me) and i've nothing to do and i feel as if i am in some sort of holding pattern. and i even think this to myself when one of these things occurs 'yep, holding pattern day'. and then the next day i end up hearing from at least 3/4 of them. i am not complaining mind you - i am just saying it is strange. and then sometimes they will all call and invite me to something all the same day. and the holding pattern is over and i have permission to land, or something.

this morning i was in walmart to return something and the freak of the world was in front of me. and then she molested me. she started walking towards me - hands out and she reached over grabbed my shirt and closed it for me - she said i was gaping. i was too stunned to move. then she did all sorts of other crazy things. she proceeded to tell (mumble) me some story about being at a $1 million house last night taking measurements and there were no street lights. and then she pulled out about 8 things to return - talked AT the walmart lady, put them all back in her cart and didn't return anything then made the walmart lady pronounce her name for her and then introduced herself. i couldn't get away from her fast enough plus, i hurt my knee so i am limpy and slow in the walking dept. so i was ascared.


  • definitely molested! i think i might have left and gone to another walmart... so why the hell did you go there in the am - learned a lesson, huh?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 13, 2005 at 10:56 AM  

  • less crowded but it also ups the crazy to sane ratio

    By Blogger anna, at June 13, 2005 at 11:08 AM  

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