Friday, June 03, 2005

yesterday i realized. . .

that the same day my check to the hair cut place cleared was also the same day i had good hair since it had been cut.

that is just all too interesting. . .

so i was woken up last night around 2:10am to let the dogs out. they went and did their business and i realized i had been sweating in my sleep. so, later this morning i was woken up at around 6:08am to let the dogs out again. i thought this was odd but whatever. (who knows what's in a dogs mind)

so i am all standing at the door waiting for the jumper to go out side and i step in something squishy and cold.


'please dear god, don't let it be a frog' - so i walk back over into the kitchen in search for something to clean up the mess and to get away from the potential flattened frog. i hit the lights and see i have stepped in dog shit


and i walk back over to clean up the mess and realize i have somehow missed stepping in another mess twice! - i am choosing to be thankful that it was not worse.

so that was not at all gross and super fun to do when you first wake up in the morning.


  • I cannot wait until the Life with Anna movie comes out. And it better have an 80's soundtrack.

    By Anonymous Cherry Pie, at June 3, 2005 at 8:02 AM  

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