Tuesday, May 31, 2005

so, it's like tuesday

i feel all puke-like. so this may suck (and by 'may' i mean 'will'). so friday my sister, her roommate and i get fitted for bras. that was fun/expensive. saturday i was off to housesit two sweet dogs. i get settled and start to watch season 6 of sex & the city. i then quickly realize that the one dog is going to jump on me and lick me non-stop. i smell like dog all day saturday.

sunday morning the dogs are in my room walking around i look on the floor and think 'is that a frog' then it is gone. i go back to sleep.

i wake up and attempt to walk into the kitchen to make coffee. my foot is asleep. i almost fall twice until i realize what is happening. also, dog continues to jump on and lick me.

me: lay on couch
around 20 minutes later

me: think 'hey, my toe hurts'
me: look at toe
me: 'damnit'

toe is swollen and i get ice to put on it, eat cereal, drink coffee. around 11 jodi calls - have lovely conversation with jodi. around 11:45 (while getting off phone with jodi) i walk into kitchen

me: 'there it is'
jodi: 'what'
me: 'the frog'
jodi: 'gross'
me: 'i have to go'
we hang up

i lock dogs outside, while getting licked and jumped on, and attempt to broom the frog out and call my mom. she doesn't understand why i don't like frogs/butterflies/spiders/bugs/i could go on all day.

so, with the frog properly handled i finish watching sex & the city and continue to get jumped on and licked. i smelled like a dog all day sunday.

talk to jodi, talk to brandi, talk to jodi, talk to brandi, talk to jodi

monday, get up

me: think 'my toe hurts, there better not be any frogs in here'

continue to smell like dog all day monday. read my book club book (all the way thru)

talk to jodi, talk to brandi, talk to jodi, talk to kelly

get dinner

come home and find that dog has ripped the cover off of my book club book, yell at dog while getting jumped on and licked.

get ready for work the next day.

get up this morning and realize i have left all my pants at home - throws off my outfit rotation for this week - luckily i had a skirt with me.

so here i am - my toe is turning purple.


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