Friday, May 27, 2005

handle your scandal

for some reason this morning i felt it necessary to eat an unusually large amount of cereal - so now i am all full of milk.

everyday i drink a large cup of water on my way to work. there are some twists and turns that deem it necessary for me to hold the cup just so, as to keep it from spilling. well this morning i also had a cup of milk in the car and could not hold it because of the water. i drove over some railroad tracks and instead of going slowly, as to not spill the milk, i - instead - jump up a little in my seat and make a high pitch noise. this seemed perfectly rational to me, at the time, as a method to keep the milk from spilling.

so that makes sense right?

if you ever want to get me drunk - don't use coors light. it has no affect on me except to tell my mother 'i don't know what the fuck you are talking about' - so there's that i guess


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