Monday, May 23, 2005

i am not entirely sure what a 'holla back girl' is but. . .

if gwen isn't one then i don't wanna be one either.

so - i attended a wedding over the weekend with my sister. the wedding was at noon and the reception started at 1pm. it will be from here on out known as the non-wedding. for some reason it just didn't feel like a wedding so katie and i dubbed it the non-wedding. but whatever, so the guests get to the reception location place and the dj sets up and the first song he plays (the newlyweds are not there yet) is. . .

wait for it. . .

'sexual healing' by marvin gaye. wtf? it was far too early in the day for that not to mention there wasn't any alcohol. then they proceed to play awkward strange music and then that 'i like big butts' song by sir mix a lot comes on and for some reason the friends of the couple cheers the groom on to SING 'baby got back' and he finally gives in but makes the bride come up there with him so he can sing it to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh dear lord, i was humiliated for them. i couldn't watch - i just stared at my lap. i am still not over it.


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