Monday, June 06, 2005

warning: parental discretion advised

there used to be a spider that lived in our mailbox (george) but i think he has moved as i have not seen him a while. then over the weekend barry showed up - a little turtle that was hanging out by the potted plants. but he was gone yesterday afternoon.

quote of the weekend: 'look, my husband can get me off'

this was in response to brandi's horror of going to a strip club. saturday was brandi's birthday and we went to wild bill's (yea - i know) anyway, that is where she wanted to go. so after a few drinks her husband's friend decides he wants to go to oasis.

so we went and stuff. this was my first time at a strip club. there were a lot more women (patrons) than i thought there would be. now, i understand the appeal of naked women and all but after about 5 minutes of watching this one girl dance for some guy i was like - enough already. i guess it could have to do with me being a girl but my experience with guys is that once they are horny they are looking to take care of the situation as soon as possible - in what ever way that may be. but again - i am a girl and in no way pretend to understand guys.

so now i guess i can say i have been to a strip club - not that i was trying to check that off the list or anything.

back to the quote - brandi was horrified that the girls were so close and naked and touching themselves and i was all 'what did you expect?' - she says 'i guess i was naive'

i don't understand her - she has even been to one before. oh well - that is brandi.


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