Friday, June 10, 2005

pizza, french fries, pizza, french fries

have you ever owned something for several years and then realize all of the sudden one day that it has an added function you never noticed before?

this morning i was lying in bed contemplating life and thinking about sex and i reached my hand inside my pillow case and felt some extra material. i couldn't figure out what the heck it was. on further inspection i determined that it has a little pouchie thing that covers the exposed part of your pillow at the open end, leaving your pillow unexposed. so that was cool.

the jeans i have on today - i don't like them anymore.

if you could have any superhero power. . .what would it be?

i am pretty sure i would like to be able to be invisible.

i am way amped today - with no real reason why.

tonight we are going to see the lords of dogtown and mr. and mrs. smith - super psyched, lots of hotties!


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