Monday, January 31, 2005

things to do

1. buy wonderfalls - TOMORROW!!!
2. buy car radio adaptor thing for my ipod
3. buy valentine's plates and napkins from pottery barn
4. get hair cut
5. pay off credit card
6. get some sleep
7. become smarter
8. figure out how to become smarter
9. get off my ass and read more
10. stop letting retarded people irritate me
11. stop letting people who repeat themselves irritate me
12. find fun, interesting people to hang with

Sunday, January 30, 2005


i had a dream about you the other night. my sister and i, along with you, your brother (named jack - i think) all lived in a house with some other folks (i don't know who they were). katie and i would hang out there and then you and your brother would come home late and you would never look at me or talk to me.

one day you went somewhere and left jack (your brother) at home - we hung out and had fun. as usual, you came home late and you and jack got into a fight and you told him he couldn't hang out with me anymore and he got mad and said i was the only one he could talk to.

later that night, i made you get up and go in the den with me - you did so reluctantly. you sat in the chair drinking beer while i tried to get you to talk to me, the whole time you refused and would barely even look at me. i was so upset and finally just told you to forget it.

so, i guess i should take the hint, huh?

Friday, January 28, 2005


i have managed to complete the day without doing anything resembling work! i am out of here - i have to get home and settled for winter storm 2005!

p.s. i live in atlanta - we freak out over nothing!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

mmmm, i know what i want for dinner!

did you ever just think that chili is just a big bowl of meat?

does that make me a bad person?

don't hate me because i have bad taste. i really like that new j. lo song - i know, it is just wrong.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

countdown. . .

exactly one week from the dvd release of the entire wonderfalls series!!! i can't hardly wait - i also can't believe this show was canceled, fox sucks! they have a bad habit of canceling good programming. do you remember dark angel, skin, ally mcbeal, boston public, fastlane, keen eddie, american embassy, tru calling, firefly - ok some of those really sucked but some were really good and wonderfalls was never even given a chance - don't get me started. not to mention that they almost killed arrested development! how can we stand for this???
don't forget to go out and get your very own copy - you won't be dissapointed, trust me.

Friday, January 21, 2005

what the?

what in the world is armpit hair for? i realize that body hair is to protect/provide warmth to the body - but what exactly is the hair in your armpit doing? (that is before you shave it off?). i mean i have never thought to myself - "damn! my armpits sure are cold!"

no, i am getting my nails done

i fear this blog will turn into random stories about my mom. you see she has this condition that prevents her from answering a question with even a small notion of an appropriate answer.

i am on my way to her house and i decide to stop at the store, i call mom to see if she needs anything

anna: mom, i am going to the store - do you want anything
mom: no, i am getting my nails done
anna: what?
mom: i have to go now click (or whatever sound a cell phone makes when it hangs up)
anna: . . . what?

did that answer my question? i suppose but how did the second half of her answer help with anything?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

hello, I am new

hello everyone! this is my very first blogging - i have no idea what i am doing and this will probably be the most boring blog ever

anyway, glad to be here

it's the new black

whatnot - what is up with this word? i have heard no less than 323 different people use it this week alone! ok, so i exaggerate (that is not a crime). whatnot - i am not even sure what it means.

definition from dictionary.com "whatnot n : miscellaneous curios"

as i was looking up whatnot, there was a link for the most popular sites for "whatnot" so naturally i had to clickit! turns out, ebay sells whatnot - who knew