Friday, August 22, 2008

my grandmother

4-ish months (19 weeks and 1 day) ago my father's father passed away. (for those who know me - 19 years ago, on august 28, my father passed away).

anyway, at that time my 84 year old grandmother told my 29 year old sister that her 'life was over'.

we, naturally, assumed that she was sad and missing her husband. a man she had known for 60 plus years. apparently we were wrong.

4 weeks ago today she entered a hospice care center. for those who ever wanted to know when they would die - no you don't.

i am not saying we know when my grandmother may pass, but when you enter a hospice care center . . . it's soon.

this past month has been extremely stressful for my sister and i.

my mother, well my mother kind of strives in stressful, tragic situations.

it's proven to be more than i can handle.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

insomnia induced indecision

i, just tonight, have downloaded:

1 - chris brown 'forever'
2 - cold play 'viva la vida'
3 - katy perry 'i kissed a girl'
4 - chromeo 'bonafide lovin'

ugh - no as i sit here playing desktop taipei, i cannot decide on my current favorite.

i must first say how i used to detest cold play. i mean really, i SO hated them. now i am instantly addicted.

however, all these songs are equally addictive. so, here i sit, 1:20am (after 3 hours) unable to end the 4 song play.

this is, of course, after the abba download from last week.