Wednesday, July 26, 2006

happy birther shawnsheese

my mother called to remind me the night before last that, 27 years ago, (2 days ago) i got on my big wheel and went flying down a neighbors drive way, smacked into the curb, was projected off my big wheel and busted my two front teeth in. she was two days away from delivering my little sister. off we went to a dentist (which i had never been before) and my mother laid in the dentist chair and i laid on top of her belly and screamed the entire time the dentist looked at my teeth.

ah, the good ol' days.

so today is my sister's birthday and there are conflicting reports as to how old she is. she 'claims' she is 27, however i have read here that she was 30 last year thus making her 31 this year. i think she is lying.

Monday, July 24, 2006

dear susan,

i have returned to target and made a note to check the baby all. it is, in fact, not part of the bonus. so sorry.

love, anna

the bag of deliciousness: very sweet and, as it were, not eaten in entirety.

i realized something today. i've absolutely no patience for purposeful coyness of the flirty variety. yes, you are very cute and clever, now answer my question and. . . stop it.'

Thursday, July 20, 2006

41 days

tomorrow, after i weigh in - i have full intentions of eating this entire bag of deliciousness

and how freaking awesome is this?

and now for non-food related items. i went to target yesterday and i cannot describe how pleased i am with this:

i bought it immediately because who doesn't love a 15% bonus? no one!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my sister still doesn't read this, and. . .

i was just speaking to her on the phone and we were dicussing how we both feel pukie and i said i think mine is from eating entirely too much cucumber salad and she says 'you have a moderation problem.' i so do.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

8 things i've learned about myself in 30 years

1. i am an excellent lunch time errand running. i can get gas, go to target, go to kroger, run by the bank and the post office and be back at my desk in 1 hour. i am super efficient.
2. i am excellent at reiterating someone else's point. and i don't even do this to be a suck up - i can't help myself. i just want the other person to know that i know what the hell they are talking about - know what i mean? i swear, i am no suck up and i always feel like a jackass when i do it.
3. i have a hard time sustaining excitement for someone else's good news. i can give the initial wide eyed smiling 'yeah' and maybe even clap but after a few minutes i am over it. good for you, now back to me.
4. i love cucumber salad. for years i never even ate cucumbers and then under much harassment from co-workers i tried made cucumber salad. all i can say is yum-ee!
5. i do not like showers (wedding, baby, etc.). it is all just so awkward. can't i just send my gift and be done with it? do i really have to sit there and watch you open them and then play dumb games - i don't care if you feed me, i'd rather not eat egg and sausage casserole - yuck!
6. despite all my claims and delusions to the contrary and efforts to prove otherwise, i am a girl and i do stupid girl things i vowed never to do.
7. i am incapable of accepting a compliment. it makes me uncomfortable. i have only recently trained myself to simply say 'thank you'. i am also incapable of just saying 'your welcome' when i am thanked for something. i always have to make it sound like no big deal.
8. moderation is not my friend. i do nothing in moderation. i am an all or nothing kind of girl. i also have to do things with the most difficultness. i guess i am looking for a challenge.

the fun is, collectively, over

i am a follower of the program that is weight watchers. it works for me - it just does. anyway, my birthday was june 23 and for 4 weeks i was on a celebratory streak of not giving a damn about what i ate. i began to feel run down and crappy and i realized, i am old. i cannot eat junk all the time and feel normal. i started eating healthier by eating more fruits and vegetables and began to get back to what you people know as 'anna'. great, i am officially an adult - i have to eat healthy, great.

after the four weeks i go back to weight watchers to weigh in. i was expecting to have gained but not 6.4 pounds!!!! yep, in 4 weeks i gained 6.4 pounds. that so rocks. so now i have been back on track for 3 1/2 days - those 6 pounds should be gone now right?

Friday, July 14, 2006

'apparently i have been laboring under a misapprehension'

when i first started this thing i told hardly anyone about it fearing the exposure of my feelings and thoughts would be far too much for my loved ones to bear. i wanted a secret place to show the world how witty and fabulous i am (because it obviously doesn't already know) and i wanted no one i know to know about it so that i could write about them and they could not argue and prove me wrong. i also started it to make my sister laugh.

so i wrote and pontificated and cussed and yelled at people who can't drive and it was good. then as time went on i told a handful of people about it and even passed out the address. those few read faithfully and commented and it was good.

after watching (with horror) the form it was taking i even told a few more of my friends about it and they would say 'oh, cool - i'll have to check it out' and then they never did. it seemed to be that no matter how many i told - it was only those few from the beginning that seemed to care. even my non-work, real boyfriend doesn't even read this which is all sorts of backwards and wrong. i don't even think my sister reads it anymore.

so, i guess i had nothing to fear to begin with - that's about right. so, what was i hiding. it seems so silly now. i don't see me telling my grandfather about it due to the cussing but i am not sure why it mattered so much in the beginning. apparently my life is not nearly as exciting or mysterious as i once believed - that's about right.

one day i will learn

i, for some reason, keep buying bell peppers and throwing them away a week or so later. i guess i think i am going to eat them and i am so not.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

and so, it begins

49 days

um, i went to hawaii

my mom, thru her job, won a trip to freaking hawaii and my sister and i were lucky enough to tag along to maui!

after 12+ hours of travel time we finally arrive in hawaii and promptly receive leis
me and mom

we get to the hotel room and it was very nice
bathroom (duh)
beds (duh)
porch (duh)
view from porch (beautiful)

next is the meet and greet at the hotel - god i look good
me and my only mai tai (that was for jill)

after the meet and greet we head back to the hotel and get settled, shower and try to go to sleepy (our body clocks would never adjust). the next day we go shopping locally and visit the biggest tree in hawaii or biggest tree somewhere, or something.
banyan tree (i lost my sunglasses there)
here is me in my new hat (i still don't know why i bought that)

that night we went to a luau and there was all sorts of hula dancing and fire twirling and hawaiian singing and all the things one would expect from a luau.
me at the luau (hawaii is very windy, i had to put my hair up)

the next day we went to pearl harbor. it was a very somber (our tour guide's word) experience and kinda creepy in a serious type of manner.
the plane we took to pearl harbor
the memorial at pearl harbor
the uss missouri (which overlooks the uss arizona)
the punch bowl (arlington cemetry of the west)

we got back very late that night and pretty much crashed. the following day, i finally got to spend some time at the pool (yeah!).
pool area with ocean view

and later that day we did something that would make you think all three of us had lost our minds. we took a 2 hour 10-seater plane trip over a volcano. see, we all have motion sickness issues in varying degrees so - yeah, i know.
mom and i all fired up about the volcano

we were all excited and packed ourselves onto the the tiny airplane and off we went snapping pictures, look right, looking left and then. . . mom gets hot and puts her head back. she is burning up and i try to direct my air conditioner hole thing towards her whilst trying to comfort her. she is not having any of it. i start to get hot and think i may get sick. i try to relax but to no avail i have a mini claustrophobia attack and think i am going to have to rip the door off and rip everyone out of there seats and off the plane. i eventually calm down. once my internal hysteria is over, i notice my sister's head (she is two seats up and on the other side of the plane) is leaning against the window. at this point i begin to laugh at us and question our sanity. but we all managed to see the lava hitting the ocean (the steam) and katie even got a picture. i took a little movie, i never did see lava but katie did - at least someone did. despite the worst plane ride i have ever been on - it was the smoothest landing ever.
waterfall mid-flight
the teeny tiny plane we staggered away from
the most expensive sprite ever (bought to calm my stomach)

the rest of the trip i spend at the beach and by the pool - gorgeous. mom and katie went on some van ride to another volcano - i, for one, had had enough of vehicles i was not in control of.

here are more random pictures of the trip:
rainbow (duh)
waterfall at hotel
mountainous area
me at waikiki beach
random boat in indescribably blue water
gorgeous sunset
some building with a king kamehameha statue
me sipping volcano themed drink (alcoholless)
it's hard to see the people atop that rock thing, but they were jumping off into the water
beach and ocean and strangers
blue hawaiians (katie's drink of choice)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

an explanation of sorts

i have a confession to make. the reason i have been so slack about updating is due to the development in my life that is the boyfriend. not to say that i have become too consumed with him to write so much as the things going on with me, i didn't - so much - want to make available to the world. as of today we are at the 7 month and 12 day mark.


anyway, here is dude pictured below:

coming soon: 'the story of dude and me'


recently i have found a renewed interest in this thing. and it is all due to the company bitch. i love her.

so, i will do my best every day to add something here. but don't get mad if i don't.


i cannot, so much, find my matchbox 20 cd. and i don't really care for that.