Tuesday, July 18, 2006

8 things i've learned about myself in 30 years

1. i am an excellent lunch time errand running. i can get gas, go to target, go to kroger, run by the bank and the post office and be back at my desk in 1 hour. i am super efficient.
2. i am excellent at reiterating someone else's point. and i don't even do this to be a suck up - i can't help myself. i just want the other person to know that i know what the hell they are talking about - know what i mean? i swear, i am no suck up and i always feel like a jackass when i do it.
3. i have a hard time sustaining excitement for someone else's good news. i can give the initial wide eyed smiling 'yeah' and maybe even clap but after a few minutes i am over it. good for you, now back to me.
4. i love cucumber salad. for years i never even ate cucumbers and then under much harassment from co-workers i tried made cucumber salad. all i can say is yum-ee!
5. i do not like showers (wedding, baby, etc.). it is all just so awkward. can't i just send my gift and be done with it? do i really have to sit there and watch you open them and then play dumb games - i don't care if you feed me, i'd rather not eat egg and sausage casserole - yuck!
6. despite all my claims and delusions to the contrary and efforts to prove otherwise, i am a girl and i do stupid girl things i vowed never to do.
7. i am incapable of accepting a compliment. it makes me uncomfortable. i have only recently trained myself to simply say 'thank you'. i am also incapable of just saying 'your welcome' when i am thanked for something. i always have to make it sound like no big deal.
8. moderation is not my friend. i do nothing in moderation. i am an all or nothing kind of girl. i also have to do things with the most difficultness. i guess i am looking for a challenge.


  • You picked up an extra year somewhere?

    I found myself nodding through most of your list.

    By Anonymous piehammer, at July 19, 2006 at 1:47 PM  

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