Tuesday, May 31, 2005

so, it's like tuesday

i feel all puke-like. so this may suck (and by 'may' i mean 'will'). so friday my sister, her roommate and i get fitted for bras. that was fun/expensive. saturday i was off to housesit two sweet dogs. i get settled and start to watch season 6 of sex & the city. i then quickly realize that the one dog is going to jump on me and lick me non-stop. i smell like dog all day saturday.

sunday morning the dogs are in my room walking around i look on the floor and think 'is that a frog' then it is gone. i go back to sleep.

i wake up and attempt to walk into the kitchen to make coffee. my foot is asleep. i almost fall twice until i realize what is happening. also, dog continues to jump on and lick me.

me: lay on couch
around 20 minutes later

me: think 'hey, my toe hurts'
me: look at toe
me: 'damnit'

toe is swollen and i get ice to put on it, eat cereal, drink coffee. around 11 jodi calls - have lovely conversation with jodi. around 11:45 (while getting off phone with jodi) i walk into kitchen

me: 'there it is'
jodi: 'what'
me: 'the frog'
jodi: 'gross'
me: 'i have to go'
we hang up

i lock dogs outside, while getting licked and jumped on, and attempt to broom the frog out and call my mom. she doesn't understand why i don't like frogs/butterflies/spiders/bugs/i could go on all day.

so, with the frog properly handled i finish watching sex & the city and continue to get jumped on and licked. i smelled like a dog all day sunday.

talk to jodi, talk to brandi, talk to jodi, talk to brandi, talk to jodi

monday, get up

me: think 'my toe hurts, there better not be any frogs in here'

continue to smell like dog all day monday. read my book club book (all the way thru)

talk to jodi, talk to brandi, talk to jodi, talk to kelly

get dinner

come home and find that dog has ripped the cover off of my book club book, yell at dog while getting jumped on and licked.

get ready for work the next day.

get up this morning and realize i have left all my pants at home - throws off my outfit rotation for this week - luckily i had a skirt with me.

so here i am - my toe is turning purple.

Friday, May 27, 2005

checkbook update

current balance $20.16

handle your scandal

for some reason this morning i felt it necessary to eat an unusually large amount of cereal - so now i am all full of milk.

everyday i drink a large cup of water on my way to work. there are some twists and turns that deem it necessary for me to hold the cup just so, as to keep it from spilling. well this morning i also had a cup of milk in the car and could not hold it because of the water. i drove over some railroad tracks and instead of going slowly, as to not spill the milk, i - instead - jump up a little in my seat and make a high pitch noise. this seemed perfectly rational to me, at the time, as a method to keep the milk from spilling.

so that makes sense right?

if you ever want to get me drunk - don't use coors light. it has no affect on me except to tell my mother 'i don't know what the fuck you are talking about' - so there's that i guess

Thursday, May 26, 2005

i swear to god. . .

my sister never, NEVER answers her work phone!!!!!!!!!

how else am i suppose to make fun of my mom during the day?

'i wanna be a balla. . .'

'shot calla. . .'

holy shit! the season finale of alias kicked so much ass last night! it was soooo goood. it also marked the end of my regular season tv viewing period.

i woke up this morning with a blister on my right thumb - where in the world did that come from? - right on the top. next to the nail.

last night i had a dream about my dad. like he came back. i have this fantasy all the time about him coming back. but last night was much different than the fantasy. we were standing around the den trying to decide where to eat. we decided on mexican and walked out to the car. and drove back and forth trying to find the resturant. it was strange, just like - oh yea, hey. let's go eat. there was no discussion about how or why or any of that.

sometimes i have dreams where i kill people. it is always after the fact and i am trying to figure out how i can keep from being arrested. strange.

wow - pretty unlight and unfunny for a thursday. sorry.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

should i be alarmed. . .

or on high alert?


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

An emotional roller coaster could result; some secret you have been guarding appears to be leaking out. You will do more damage trying to stop the inevitable than by just letting the chips fall where they may.

is it still only wednesday?

i can see my cleavage again today. . .

and i am sporting quite the headache, but it is not bothering me for some reason (the cleavage, not the headache).

my commute this morning was all about calm nice music and then - 'rodeo' by 95 south, that really takes me back to high school and riding around with jodi in our matching cars. seems like a lifetime ago.

so i have always believed myself to a fairly unrememorable person. i don't know, i never think people will recognize me later. i have been involved in two scenarios lately where i was meeting up with two people and once i arrive person 'b' says to person 'a' 'oh yea' and then person 'a' says 'i told you you would recognize her' - so my question is, does that support my theory or disprove it?

i feel guilty all the time, about anything and everything - i get this from my mother. example: i was eating dinner at friend's house (as a guest) - we were having steaks and i felt guilty so i chose the smallest steak, then i chose the crustier potato - because i felt guilty. sometimes i get mad about feeling guilty.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

queen of the castle?

i am not comfortable showing cleavage

i'm just not

does that make me a prude? i feel/fear as if i have become exponentially more prudish as i get older

Monday, May 23, 2005

josh = dictionary

1. holla back girl
A girl that is willing to be treated like a doormat or booty call. She is a girl that will allow guys to do whatever they want with her and will just wait for them to 'holla back' at them.

so, no. i am, for sure, not one. but i do know a few

oh yea, that's right

once in college i survived for 2 weeks on $12 in my checking account. i currently have $22 and some odd cents in my checking account for the next 7 days. except the bank is showing $40 more than i.

it could be worse or something.

today marks one month until my birther (that is what i used to say - before i could talk good)

remember when you would say 'i am 8 1/2'

oh how the 1/2 was so important. that is back when i wanted math to be 1 + 1 = 11, or 1 + 2 = 12. what can i say - i was a strange child.

i am not entirely sure what a 'holla back girl' is but. . .

if gwen isn't one then i don't wanna be one either.

so - i attended a wedding over the weekend with my sister. the wedding was at noon and the reception started at 1pm. it will be from here on out known as the non-wedding. for some reason it just didn't feel like a wedding so katie and i dubbed it the non-wedding. but whatever, so the guests get to the reception location place and the dj sets up and the first song he plays (the newlyweds are not there yet) is. . .

wait for it. . .

'sexual healing' by marvin gaye. wtf? it was far too early in the day for that not to mention there wasn't any alcohol. then they proceed to play awkward strange music and then that 'i like big butts' song by sir mix a lot comes on and for some reason the friends of the couple cheers the groom on to SING 'baby got back' and he finally gives in but makes the bride come up there with him so he can sing it to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh dear lord, i was humiliated for them. i couldn't watch - i just stared at my lap. i am still not over it.

Friday, May 20, 2005


dear anna,
get back to work!

things to do at work


i've no chips for my sandwich today

'i'm not sick, but i'm not well'

i realized that recently this thing is severly lacking in content and it bothers me. and disturbs me. and perplexes me. have i run out of things to say? maybe i am just blah right now. i hope it picks up. or maybe i will just start making stuff up.

old song heard on they way to work this morning: 'i'll make love to you' by boys II men. i didn't sing but i did snap.

we are going to see the wars tonight - so excited.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


that should really read bbd and should not make any reference to the underwear brand.

i meant to mention something earlier, something that has been disturbing me. the other day i purchased and proceeded to eat a bag of dark chocolate m&m's. but i could only eat half of it.


i normally would eat the whole thing (i am talking one of those individual jobs, not the 'snack bag' or the 'mega bag', just the regular little pack).

it has just been bothering me.

'never trust a big butt and a smile'

i just love to hear bvd in the morning.

so i have been thinking and stuff and i have never slapped (or punched for that matter) anyone before. i think i would like to try it - you know just to see what it's like.

my knee hurts today - too many reps on the leg press.

so happy thursday everyone, i am not going to make it til friday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

and the good health continues

i forgot to say that with my pseudo dinner last night i did have v-8 (spicey hot) so that covers all food groups right?

so today for lunch i had
1. half a cookie
2. handful of pretzels
3. pineapple
4. diet coke

dear anna,
stop eating cookies and ice cream.

your growing ass

queen of nutrition

last night i had all these lovely things i wanted to say/write about today and i completely blanked this morning, now they keep creeping back.

last night for dinner i had
1. two cookies (homemade by my aunt)
2. two handfuls of baked doritos (nacho cheesier)
3. cherry yogurt (not frozen)

except, i am not entirely sure you can call it dinner - i didn't eat all of that at in one sitting.

squid nuts

it was all foggy this morning which is not good for my hair.

so, lately i have been involved in several discussions of hair removal and the methods to do so. legs, underarms, upperlip, eyebrows and of course the nether regions. so now i am all like obsessed with 'lawncare' - if you will.

did anyone see brittany and kevin - chaotic last night? OMG

p.s. can someone please come and clean my bathroom - it is getting kinda gross

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


i just updated my ipod with my contacts and all my calendar events planned at this point, now i am making a playlist entitled 'Awesome Intros' - i only have one song in there so far


so i don't like what i have on today and my boss isn't here so i will be super bored today, but i have found this. . .

he's alllliiivvveee!!!!!

i got in the pissiest mood yesterday afternoon and there was no reason for it either.

i haven't seen jt in like 3 weeks and i was beginning to think that i had gotten dumped by my fake boyfriend (and was completely unaware of it) and then yesterday. . . he walked in.

damn he is a good runner

Monday, May 16, 2005

click it!

holy old show awesomeness!


and this is just obscenely gross


'regulators, mount up'

i heard mr. warren g on the radio this morning.

so, i finally get a new ipod this weekend - except i had to wait until today to load it with my songs. but i have one that works so that is good.

went to see crash on friday - very good/sad/dark/noisy because of the people seating behind us that wouldn't shut up.

saturday, i spent running around town doing ipod things and saturday night my sister and a couple of her friends plus me went to dinner where i proceeded to order grits and shrimp. now, i would normally love this and i did infact read the menu which mentioned that this fine dish included mushrooms and bacon and that the grits were, in fact, cheese grits. now, i hate 1. mushrooms 2. bacon 3. cheese grits. so the question is - why the hell did i order that? i still don't know but i finally got me some key lime pie ice cream and it was the best ice cream ever.

on sunday my sister and i went to the gym and i have a muscle group that is very angry with me this morning. then we spent some time at my grandmother's watching dvds.

all in all - it was a pretty dull weekend.

so i am looking for today to be fun-filled, no pressure monday

Sunday, May 15, 2005

to answer your question from last week - because i never did (in case you didn't notice, except i know that you did). . .

i miss you every day.

i was at the grocery store today and there was a guy who reminded me of you. you kind of looked alike and walked the same. he had a little boy in the cart and an orange balloon tied to the cart (i am assuming it was his son’s balloon). it just made me think how adorable you are going to be as a dad and how great you are going to be at it. and then i got sad and sick-like feeling all over again.

Friday, May 13, 2005


happy friday the 13th everybody! check out my horoscope for today and tomorrow:


Friday, May 13, 2005
Romantic possibilities are everywhere, as your chances of being alone dwindle today. Unless you are laboring over a creative project that is past due, today is a day to pursue pleasurable romance.

Saturday, May 14, 2005
Romance is everywhere. You will have a hard time being quiet about what is going on in your life. Look around to see the best way to be happy without needing the approval of others. Avoid bragging to the secretly jealous.

from alternate source:
June 21 - July 21
You may find that your automatic response to critical comments aimed at you today is simply to shut down, dear Cancer. Your defense mechanism is quick to react and the first thing it suggests is to hide. Realize that probably the best solution to the problem is to simply do just the opposite. Even though it may seem scary, the thing you need to do is come out from your shell even more.

now that you have suffered thru my horoscope i beg of you - what is up with all of that? i will be highly surprised if even 8% of that comes true.

overheard on the way to work this morning: 'push it' by salt 'n peppa

not overheard on the way to work this morning: anna singing 'push it' by salt 'n peppa - just wasn't in the mood, how sad is that? and it is friday - totally a day for old school songs.

so today marks 111 days until the official kickoff of college football!!!!! (i am slightly excited) with pro starting close behind. my sister and i are going to try to get into pro this year - we will see how that goes.

i may update later, then again i may not. . .

have a good scary friday!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

horses and bets and mint julips - oh my

well, that only took 800 years. getting the pictures back, getting motivated to update and getting the damn things in the blog. anyway, the trip to the kentucky derby was a blast! we drank mint julips, placed bets, lost $, won $ and had an all around good time. i wasn't going to get a hat and didn't even want one, but i totally caved and now i am in love with my hat and in love with the kentucky derby.

the stands Posted by Hello

momma got a new hat Posted by Hello

me and mom Posted by Hello

i look really short here, or something - just strange. also, what's up with my toes? too many drinks more than likely.

and they're off! Posted by Hello

thursday tidbit

this morning i can't decide whether to eat breakfast or throw up. i don't feel well.

i forgot to mention that tuesday night my mother told me i should become a dominatrix. i am not even sure what to think of that one.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

word of the day = craptacular

my stupid ipod is fucked up again, i need to just go get it handled by the professionals.

so i get to work this morning and there are barbeque sandwichs, baked beans and coleslaw all layed out like by a very generous co-worker.

breakfast of champions people, breakfast - of - champions

so, as i was emailing another co-working to gossip about the breakfast buffet - i had to ask how to spell barbeque, turns out i asked the very person who brought the food!!!!!

great anna - now she knows you were talking about it!!!!


come to find out this food is left over from FRIDAY!!!!!

friday!! that was FIVE days ago!!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005


why do they say 1-hour photo when you can't pick them up until the next day? and i am like the only person that has a regular camera anymore so what is up with all the film developing? i won't be able to share derby photos until at least tomorrow.

right now i am eating dark chocolate m&m's darth mix and they are super yum.

i know of 5 people that have died within this past week, 3 of them with a rare cancer. it really makes you think and get all re-evaluation like.

tonight is the season finale of veronica and i can't believe it/stand it!!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i have found it!

my life motto:

A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation.
Saki (1870 - 1916), "The Square Egg", 1924

i already live by this so it's pretty much perfect and all


i have been struggling all morning to say something funny, witty or even just a little insightful

i got nothin'

i am flying out today to kentucky, i will be attending the kentucky derby this saturday and i am super excited to see all the famous-like people

so i suppose the countdown begins - 3 hours until i leave the office

have a fabulous weekend everybody and i shall update in a few days

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

4:41pm update

i have been rocking the clip art hard this afternoon, mother's day is going to be all certificate like this year.

my stupid wouldn't answer her phone so i have been going crazy.

plus i lost a spider in my car and have been on high alert ever since.

someone asked me how you can lose a spider in your car and i said 'he was there and then he wasn't, hence the high alert'

mother's day is so close!

today is all about running red lights. i think i went thru like 4 this morning.