Wednesday, August 31, 2005

'give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which i desire'

nothing like a fuel crisis to make you realize how many gas stations you pass on the way home - 8!

i just marveled at the crazies that made my pilgrimage home last twice as long as it should.

for real people we are not going to run out of gas:

'alright stop, colaborate and listen'

'ice is back with a brand new invention'

ok folks - i shall be on vacation until 9/9. so no updates until then. but when i get back hopefully i will have stories/thoughts/pictures to share.

have a great first nine days of september.

sunglasses holder fairy?

i came back from lunch to find the following on my desk:

*****4:40pm update - it is still there and getting increasingly disturbing by the second

i am such the playa'. . .

and totally pimp

co-worker: 'your boyfriend was here yesterday'
me: 'which one?'
co-worker: proceeds to answer like this was a totally ligit question and like i was not joking in the least.

i'm just sayin'

for some ungodly reason last night i reorganized my makeup and nail polish.

conclusion: i have far more eye shadow than the law should allow

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

but, do i need them?

i am comteplating these:

one pair is $14.95 and the other 3 are $9.99


i cannot, as it turns out, remember whether i q-tipped my ears this morning.

and then there is this:

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Something very sensual could happen today; a sudden rush of desire or pleasure will overtake you. Enjoy the point in the universe where your body and spirit become one, today is a gift from the stars to you.






Monday, August 29, 2005

it's comin' up a storm

friday we went to see red eye and supercross: the movie. they were both awesome in their own very special way.

katie (kate) and i also upheld a tradition of switching shoes.
these are katie's shoes on my feet - shoe wouldn't let me take a picture of hers

so, here is a picture that makes amanda look one-legged

here are both her feet

we are sitting outside of:

here is me:

(anna - file your nails)

saturday i hurt someone's feelings and felt (and continue to feel) rotten. i also ran errands and did massive amounts of yard work.

sunday i ran more errands and cleaned up a bit.

now the hurrycane is coming thru and i am really hoping we still get to go to the beach thursday.

oh yea - here is a weird machine at my work:

Friday, August 26, 2005

'i got so many rocks in my chain and watch'

i don't know how many of you are aware of it but there is a battle for the worst song of the year. . . so far the battle is between 'my humps' by the black eyed peas and 'icy' by gucci mane. they are equally horrible but i think 'icy' will win for worst cause you can at least dance to 'my humps'

also - what the hell is this shit? do not deny me shopping!

6 days!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


7 fucking days!!!!!!!!!

wanted: movie buddy

i need to see the following movies immediatley and all promptlike
1 - supercross: the movie (how could you NOT wanna see that?)
2 - undiscovered
3 - the brothers grimm
4 - the 40 year old virgin
5 - valiant
6 - four brothers
7 - red eye
8 - dead & breakfast

also acceptable:
1 - the great raid
2 - dukes of hazzard
3 - the island
4 - the skeleton key


my favorite 'overheard in the workplace' today

this packet of foot cream kicked my ass for at least 10 mins. the other morning:

it's handy randy - at first i took this picture because i thought it was totally hilarious (oh the things that amuse me) and then i was all, hey - we could use this guy.

the number of unread deleted things in my work deleted box

i need a haircut super bad and immediately

also. . .

he makes me wear out dictionary.com & he is superfly

chapter 3 of 'getting to know anna's friends'

fun facts about josh:

1 - he has mad skillz yo
2 - he likes pie
3 - he is taller than me
4 - he didn't go to college (at least not a real one)
5 - he is super smart
6 - he is super hilarious
7 - he writes crazy good poems
8 - he hates tomatos
9 - he sends me all sorts of links
10 - he can find anything, ANYTHING on the internet
11 - he lets me point out gay things about him (even though he isn't)
12 - he plays soccer
13 - he loves el dorado
14 - he makes you feel that you can say anything to him
15 - he loves researching things
16 - he makes up words
17 - he helps you study
18 - he commands things and, in no way, expects me to carry thru with them
19 - he drives a wrecked car
20 - he reads my dumb blog

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


i went to target today to get ONE thing and look for ONE other thing. i went in, spent $120 on more than two things and walked my ass out. i think i may have a problem.

target has way cute pj's. however, i did not buy any today.

chapter 2 of 'getting to know anna's friends'

fun facts about jodi:

1 - her birthday is 16 days before mine
2 - she loves ice cream
3 - she can totally tell the difference between the good shag and the rerelease that changed all the songs
4 - she can remember what you were wearing at just about any time in the past (as long as she saw you that day)
5 - she is hilarious
6 - she is big hearted
7 - she is a great mom
8 - she usually has some form of brownie or dessert bar made at her house
9 - she loves college football
10 - she likes having drinks
11 - she won't judge you
12 - she takes everything to heart
13 - she loves 'toepick' with me
14 - she is beautiful
15 - she is taller than me
16 - she has an older sister
17 - she went to college with tracy
18 - she remembers when we met
19 - she has a dog named gabby that i call gappy
20 - she knows all things gap
21 - she has moved a gazillion times
22 - she reads my dumb blog

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

'i am a failure from top to bottom'

have you ever noticed that just when you feel like things are better - everyone else seems to fall apart? it must be so that we can help one another. if you can get them to let you.

'yeah! quit egging me on'

last night i walked in the rain - i haven't done that in forever and it felt good, i was only concerned that my ipod would get messed up, 'cause i am excellent at that - and stuff.

why do they put the sticker right in the middle of the lemon - so you are forced to remove it before cutting it. damn produce stickers!

btw my dyslexia is working overtime today - my words are missing letters.

eekkk!! i forgot to include my pictures from the weekend.

we were having a contest at the bar

tracy and had the best one - natrually

traffic & rain on friday

more of it

i was trying to get the moon - it was so purty

i liked how th lights swirled

no, the camera was not drunk

Monday, August 22, 2005

you do it

I am worth $1,384,038 on HumanForSale.com

i am worthless than elizabeth


dear lord - someone help me. i have downloaded not one but 2 mariah carey songs, i usually cannot stand her but i love these two:
shake it off
we belong together

the weird thing is - they are total opposite songs, hhmm

other things i downloaded the other day:
kelly clakson - 'walk away'
qwen stefani - 'cool'
gorillaz - 'feel good inc.'

that last one makes me shake my ass and constantly think my cell phone is ringing.

i need to have a retraction about my pen - turns out there was a faulty bit of the paper that was not allowing the pen to ink it. so it was the paper and not my awesome pen. . . sorry.

so, like - so much for resturant week

i passed, i passed, i passed!!!! i took the first half of the mcdst test this morning and i freaking passed!!!!!!! i am super extremely excited. thanks to josh for his study tips and everyone for believing i could do it, cause, like, i wasn't so sure.

here are my notes:

here are my results: it's on the internet, so it must be true

my mom says i am half all microsoftie

so friday was all about being taken out to eat for things i was, in no way, in the mood for - but life goes on. we went out friday night for drinks for tracy bday and we all sitting around listening to the jukebox and then 'wonderwall' by oasis came on and we all broke out in singing - like, full on emotionally invested singing - it was pretty funny.

saturday - bank, shopping, food, penquin movie. life lesson learned saturday: be nice to people because you never know when they might be nice to you. i was trying to get to moe's, i was starving, behind this lady that i was cussing 'cause she was driving too slow. we both pull in to moe's i jump out of my car and get make it to the door first - try and beat her. order my food, go to pay and pull out my punch card thing. and the lady behind me says - i forgot my card at home so go ahead and give her my punches - with the addtional punches i ended up getting my next meal free. how nice was she - especially since i was putting out such nasty vibes about her. i felt like a big ass. so i spent the rest of the day thinking of ways i could be nicer and more patient.

sunday - pool, more shopping, yard work, grocery store. sunday was all about the struggle between being a good friend and how you do that. intervene or support - can you do both? when you see someone not doing enough for themselves and you love them - how do you help? what do you say? how do you say it? sunday was a very long depressing day for me. i don't even like sunday's to begin with.

Friday, August 19, 2005

happy birthday tracy!!!!!!

a few facts about tracy:

1 - today is her b-day
2 - i have known her since kindergarden
3 - she has a sister my sister's age
4 - she has a dog
5 - she works for the american cancer society (acs - if you're cool)
6 - she went to the same college as my friend jodi
7 - she is taller than me (but most people are)
8 - she loves to get beers
9 - she works way too much
10 - she doesn't catch on when we have a surprise party for her
11 - she is hilarious
12 - she is sweet
13 - she is beautiful
14 - she doesn't even read this thing

Thursday, August 18, 2005

god - i swear, sometimes

how come sometimes your pen picks a spot on the page and absolutely refuses to write right there but will write absolutely anywhere else on the god forsaken page? my pen is currently doing that – and it was 50 whole cents!

toadily cool my ass, it is, in fact, toadily whack!

'it doesn't suck'

there is an hour of strangers with candy on right now and i am sersly, sersly resisting the urge to watch, but it is so tivoed - bele dat

to do:
1 - find out why i am so gangsta this week

thursday (supposed to be studying)

i have this thing where i buy a new article of clothing and i am far too concerned that it will be neglected in my wardrobe rotation that i make a point to wear it as often as possible and then unintentionally wearing it all the time. well, i am doing that now and was thinking about how i do that.

are you guys watching tommy lee goes to college, because you should - that shit is funny

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

because i needed a break

this is the 'shit that belongs to other people' portion of my desk

why is it that you can never, NEVER, find sharpies that are not, in fact, fine point?

growing up, i wasn't even allowed to say 'shut up'

because kristin said to, here are 100 things i like

1. office supply stores
2. liquor stores
3. book stores
4. the tiny travel stuff section
5. hearing people talk when you can't see them
6. watching people move out of the way of a fire engine
7. making others laugh
8. being right (and by 'right' i mean 'correct' and not the direction handedness way)
9. sudoku classic
10. instant messages
11. text messages
12. laughing really really hard
13. wedge salad
14. when the movie starts right off and the opening credits aren't their own thing
15. crunchy food
16. my sister
17. key lime pie ice cream from brewster's
18. a good stretch that takes over your whole body
19. first kisses (the lead up)
20. kissing
21. waking up on sunday morning to find good old-ish movies on tv & drinking coffee
22. flirting
23. being flirted with (most of the time)
24. hot showers
25. all things mexican food
26. guys in uniforms
27. guys in suits
28. the $1 spot at target
29. gnoochi
30. beer
31. wine
32. poems written by my friend jill
33. comments on my blog
34. thunderstorms
35. september
36. well done eye makeup (on me or others)
37. whole foods (or harry's)
38. pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (from harry's)
39. sex day dreamin'
40. this drawing by jill
41. updated blogs
42. the beach
43. my flip phone
44. calling people by their full first name
45. making car noise whilst i or someone else is driving
46. watching tv - and tons of it
47. coincidences
48. zagnut
49. purses
50. happy trails (neatly grown ones - and by 'neatly' i mean 'tidily')
51. turtles
52. the fact that this exists
53. blue toenail polish
54. taking pictures with my camera
55. college football
56. ducks
57. terrorizing my mother
58. this
59. when my sister calls me
60. charlie and lola
61. my mom's chair hair
62. being a smartass
63. homemade biscuits
64. gale harold
65. jason bateman
66. smartness & cleverness
67. shell
68. striped pants (apparently)
69. binder clips
70. sneezing
71. pictures of places i wanna be/go to
72. concerts in small venues
73. homestar
74. bowling
75. movies
76. crushed ice
77. having something to say
78. punctuality
79. unrequited love
80. teenage love
81. having to fight for love
82. mocking others
83. people who can give me just as much crap as i can dish
84. the kentucky derby
85. little kids once they start to develop their personalities
86. little old men (the non-dirty variety)
87. adam brody
88. these
89. knowing what people mean even though they didn't use the right words
90. tivo
91. the daily show
92. declaring things whack
93. thor
94. this
95. emails that start in the subject and end in the body
96. figuring things out all by myself
97. bowls
98. sharpies that are not fine tip
99. hardwood floors
100. being done with this list

that was way hard
now - you do it

'jesus was on vacation'

where does he go? and what does he need a computer for anyhow. i am preparing to take the mcdst test and it is not going so well

as it turns out




however, for my amusement there are all sorts of cooky scenarios that are described in the questions. when jesus went on vacation - all sorts of havoc was wreaked for his co-worker cathie, i am sure you can imagine.

coffeemate - and apparently i can do nothing but spill it.

you can't really tell from this picture but this car had mad spinnas yo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

observation of the day

my purse smells like chicken

'hit me up, tradeplus.com. . .

and tell me where you from'

i have razors on the brain - i just must.

i needed more and i couldn't find the ones i prefer to use so i bought others. well, i hate them. i am not exactly the world's best shaver to begin with but with subpar razors. . . forget about it. so this problem is manifesting itself in my dreams - last night i dreamed i found an old pkg of the good ones and there were still a few left.


to do:
1 - find razors pronto and immediately

Monday, August 15, 2005


i have been working on this list post and it is taking forever so here are random things.

saturday katie and i took mom to high tea at the ritz downtown - it was wonderful.

katie's cherry purse

the aftermath

here is a pimpmobile i saw - that or zz top

me taking a picture of the traffic camera taking a picture of me

17 days!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

voice mail

i could not agree more with the first portion of this


good grief - i have sex on the brain today.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

plus more

this thing needs serious re-vamping

trust me, i know


i totally left the '1' in for katie

21 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!1

the countdown is closing in on vacation and the start of football season!!! i can't friggin' wait for either.

i have been in a training class for the past 3 days and i was the teacher's pet. i ended sitting in the very first desk and the teacher leaned on my monitor the whole time (way annoying) and repeatedly told me that i look 18 - i so do not look 18. then he was all upset that i wasn't taking the 2nd class that would have been today and tomorrow. i had quite enough of him. anyway, i did learn a lot.

so, what else?

not sure - i feel like i have been away from work for weeks and have been having work people dreams - so bizarre.

hhhmm, what else?

damn - there must be something.

Friday, August 05, 2005

'you need a fish'

i swear, this week as flown. i had all these hilarious things i wanted to post but i promptly forgot them. that is just how awesome i am.

i just kicked todays sudoku classic's ass in like 7 minutes. in your face july 12th!

27 days!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday

i am far too addicted to sudoku classic to bother with blogging. obviously

also, i am very concerned with the ratio of products in my hair today. i am currently in the process of finding a new leave-in conditioner and with the new stuff today and my antifrizz stuff - it is just odd today and not drying very well.

weekend review. . .
friday: wedding crashers was hilarious, i have never seen my mom laugh so loud. vince is hysterical.

saturday: dinner was good, drinks were good, company was good.
on the way to my sister's apartment i was behind these people and the guy in the jeep got out of his car, undid his pants, tucked in his shirt, redid his pants and got back in his jeep. dude - get a parking lot.

then at dinner i had gnoochi - here are some pics.
our wine in cold water

this humungeous bite katie took of her spaghetti

scott's um, food - i don't know what he got but it had mushrooms

a paper doilie folded and stuck in scott's pocket to look like. . .um, i don't know what

katie's coffee for some reason

waiter - there is a bubble in scott's port and some weirdo white spot

my grasshopper

all of these pictures are slightly dark and blurry for your tuesday viewing pleasure

this is what happens when you fall asleep w/your lipstick on and take a picture of yourself driving home the next morning

i look so odd in the picture - like a turtle

sunday: family birthday for kit-kat plus - monster headache and homestarrunner viewingness.

Monday, August 01, 2005


so, i was going to take pictures yesterday at my sister's family b-day dinner but i was out of card and did not have my cord to download. so i told katie to bring her camera but we took 2 w/hers and then she ran out of cord. so then i went to transer them today and it is out of battery. cannot win for losing today.

anyway, the weekend update and picture extravaganza shall have to wait until tomorrow.