Monday, August 29, 2005

it's comin' up a storm

friday we went to see red eye and supercross: the movie. they were both awesome in their own very special way.

katie (kate) and i also upheld a tradition of switching shoes.
these are katie's shoes on my feet - shoe wouldn't let me take a picture of hers

so, here is a picture that makes amanda look one-legged

here are both her feet

we are sitting outside of:

here is me:

(anna - file your nails)

saturday i hurt someone's feelings and felt (and continue to feel) rotten. i also ran errands and did massive amounts of yard work.

sunday i ran more errands and cleaned up a bit.

now the hurrycane is coming thru and i am really hoping we still get to go to the beach thursday.

oh yea - here is a weird machine at my work:


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