Tuesday, August 02, 2005

tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday

i am far too addicted to sudoku classic to bother with blogging. obviously

also, i am very concerned with the ratio of products in my hair today. i am currently in the process of finding a new leave-in conditioner and with the new stuff today and my antifrizz stuff - it is just odd today and not drying very well.

weekend review. . .
friday: wedding crashers was hilarious, i have never seen my mom laugh so loud. vince is hysterical.

saturday: dinner was good, drinks were good, company was good.
on the way to my sister's apartment i was behind these people and the guy in the jeep got out of his car, undid his pants, tucked in his shirt, redid his pants and got back in his jeep. dude - get a parking lot.

then at dinner i had gnoochi - here are some pics.
our wine in cold water

this humungeous bite katie took of her spaghetti

scott's um, food - i don't know what he got but it had mushrooms

a paper doilie folded and stuck in scott's pocket to look like. . .um, i don't know what

katie's coffee for some reason

waiter - there is a bubble in scott's port and some weirdo white spot

my grasshopper

all of these pictures are slightly dark and blurry for your tuesday viewing pleasure

this is what happens when you fall asleep w/your lipstick on and take a picture of yourself driving home the next morning

i look so odd in the picture - like a turtle

sunday: family birthday for kit-kat plus - monster headache and homestarrunner viewingness.


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