Friday, July 29, 2005

more about today

this is too cute
plus i have these on my desk

but now they are gone and were darn tastie

i have gone and gotten myself addicted to this new game


now they tell me
i do not at all get this craze
my mom makes the awesomeist cookies and i can spot one of mom's cookies a mile away - they just have a certain look.

mission this weekend: see wedding crashers

Thursday, July 28, 2005

to do:

1 - buy and eat cheez-it's, you have been fantasizing too long - just freaking do it
2 - finish that other post you started today to add the pics you need a photoshop tutorial to fix
3 - figure out why the heck elisabeth's comments are not emailed

quote of the day. . .

by jodi on aim:

'i love shopping your websites'

12:07pm update

btw: jodi = cute

so does. . .

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

you should be jealous

i have the best camera ever! i used to make a magical noise when i turned it on but you can change the sound and now it sounds like a car getting started up. and when you snap the picture it now sounds like r2d2.

we have this new guy at work and it took me a while but i finally figured out who he reminds me of. . . fred (minus the attempted gangstaness of course)

i did this doodle during two different meetings

day 8000 of headaches when i wake up

dear head,
sersly - stop it

love, no longer wanting to be in pain

here are some random pics it took last night.

i so need a tan

why do i love taking these of my purse?

last night we went to south city kitchen and it was way good. katie had the grits with shrimp and scallops, mom had the salmon and i had the crab hash. plus we had the hushpuppies to start.

it is so freaking hot outside, it is even (i can't believe i am about to say/type this) too hot to drink.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

kit-kat's birther!!!

the coffee is super weak today.

thoughts from the gym last night:
1. who named all the muscles?
2. what if you don't feel like you are working the red areas in the pictures?
3. that trainer dude really should not so much wear that fanny pack
4. this really sux

here is a thought from saturday:

if i don't pay the merchandise - will it rat me out?

but none of that matters because it is my sister's birthday!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

uuggg day

my dyslexia is working overtime today and i cannot seem to get things (that need to be) done today. uuggg!!! my weekend was fairly boring, shopping, working out, yard work, showering, watching more qaf, dining in our newly yearly summer family multibirthday combo thing, seeing people i haven't in a while and generally icky. hopefully the ickiness is over but who knows.

38 days until football but my sister's b-day is tomrrow!!!! happy 30th kit-kat!

Friday, July 22, 2005

'i was like, why are you calling it that?'

my co-worker's printer


today is all about running yellow lights - i ran at least 3 this morning.

i had completely forgotten what a wreck my desk was when i got here and now i don't wanna do anything.

flowers from my desk

Thursday, July 21, 2005

'i have to go credit'

it is, quite apparently, 'anna clean out your desk drawers' week. i have successfully cleaned out four of my five drawers. (the 5th one was already neat and tidy and not in need of cleaning out).

now, what in the world am i to do with the 4 boxes of mostly unused (and by 'unused' i mean 'unhandedout') business cards i have collected over the years from past and current companies?

dear sally,

42 days until my favorite time of year ever!

horoscope for today:

A sexy Full Moon could inspire a reinvigorated partnership. Look to make the most of what you have. That which appeared to have recently fizzled out might suddenly howl with energy under tonight's Moon.

and from another source:
Cancer (June 21 - July 21)
Be conscious of your own needs today, dear Cancer, and feel free to be a little selfish. Give yourself the credit you deserve and don't let other people bully you into feeling like you are not worthy of the attention you receive. You have a great number of gifts to share to the world, so don't be afraid to flaunt these today. Lighten up and be proud. Other people are lucky to be in your company today.

so, lots of lovies for me today plus kiss my ass!

my wrist still hurts (for a month now)

i am all bloaty and in need of advil

and it's only thursday

but the question of the day is. . .

why do they call it a glove box?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

gym overheardness

am i missing something? i heard this at the gym. . .

workout guy #1: 'i thought you owned a cleaning service'
workout guy #2: 'i own that too'
workout guy #1: 'aren't you jamaican?'

so either you cannot own a cleaning service company or more than one company if you are jamaican - is that what i am to conclude from the overheardness? or that i should mind my own business?

accomplishment of the day:

cleaning out/organizing this drawer:

i have far more hightlighters than the law should allow

please people, i beg of you

today is all about being on hold. a co-worker and i have each been on hold for over 20minutes with 2 different calls - each. (for the math geeks that is approx. 1hour and 20minutes between the two of us). needless to say we are super sick of the phone.

i have heard of 3 stories - this morning alone - in which i have totally lost patience with the story's main character due to lack of matureness. can we all please, please just act like adults and treat each other accordingly? i am super dead serious. i cannot take much more of this. that is serioulsy what is wrong with the world - lack of adult conducting yourselfness. it is also one of my biggest pet peeves. so please immediatley start doing all of the following.

1. stop whining - especially when you can do something about it
2. stop whining when there is nothing you can do
3. stop blaming others for your problems, they can't all be due to someone else
4. understand that 98% of the time - IT DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU
5. take responsibility for your own actions - cause no one else will or should

thank you for your time and consideration.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

tuesday lunch

right now i am super pissed because i cannot for the life of me find a picture i had of my sister and me. fucking computers.

here are some lunch pictures

josh's shoulder

gaby's leftovers

and one of the inside of my purse (not from lunch)


this morning i had a dream where my sister was housesitting at my grandparent's house and my old roommate and i went to pick her up in this old van for some odd reason and it was really dark out. when we got there her roommate was there and a friend of their's too. she was kinda standing around not ready to go while i was trying to usher her out the door. everyone was just kinda looking at me. she had been making cookies and they were all over the counter and i ate one. i kept thinking 'why is the radio so loud' and i would go over and turn it off but then there was always another one on - really loud. needless to say it was my radio that should have woken me up. i couldn't get her to leave the freaking house and we were running super late.

i keep hearing these western union commercials - who are these people wiring money all over? i have never personally wired or been wired money or known anyone that has been either of those things. but whatever.

Monday, July 18, 2005


turns out i like cherries and i am not talking the marachino variety (although those are tasty).

well it's monday again

there is nothing like getting picked up on the way to work. i was patiently waiting for the light to change to green and there is this guy in a van next to me yelling and whistling and woohooing and BANGING ON THE SIDE OF THE VAN. god what a freaking idiot.

this weekend i was busy housesitting the licker again and since last time i took the opportunity to catch up on sex and the city, this time i used my time to catch up on queer as folk. can i just say that without a doubt brian kinney is, by far, THE hottest man to ever walk the earth. i totally mean that. however, i would do anything to pick up emmett honeycutt and put him in my pocket so he could be my best friend ever.

so, that was my weekend - not at all exciting/interesting.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

let me count the ways

how much do i love shoes.com

the rock hard core and then some. not only do they have tons o' shoes. shipping is free, return shipping is free and they update you by email on every freaking move they make with your order/account.

you cannot imagine my joy and pleasure when utilizing their service. everyone - go and buy shoes at shoes.com!!!

nothing else works as it should today.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

it would be super nice if. . .

i could get my ass to work on time.

i fear i have lost the ability to make a decision

my bladder is shrinking - i just know it is, plus

apparently the right side of my body wants to be numb all of the time.

Monday, July 11, 2005


i just ate my key lime pie yogurt that i have been looking forward to eating and it was not nearly as good as i was remembering and tastes nothing like key lime pie ice cream.

last night i made and promptly ate the best salad ever. romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, banana pepper ring thingies, ken's steak house lite caesar dressing, garbonzo beans and warmed southwestern seasoned pre-cut/cooked chicken strip things. it was delicioso.

what defines you?

friday night we went to see the fantastic 4 which, for some reason, i kept calling the fabulous 4. i've no idea why except that i may, in fact, have my mother's disease. here are the remnants of dinner.

katie's nachos

amanda's quesadilla and chips w/queso and her hand dipping

my bitch of a plastic cup that kept spilling water on me and part of katie's arm (not to say it spilled water on katie's arm but that, in fact, you can see part of katie's arm)

amanda's ice cream - peanut butter parfait bbbeptpt bbbeptpt bbbeptpt

kaite's ice cream - something something with chocolate chips and m&m's and part of her eehhhmmm (that is a clearing throat sound) - shirt

the fabul - i mean fantastic 4 was good, enjoyed by all but had a few cheesy things and still - everything has been ruined by batman.

saturday i did yard work and gym work and then went to wild bill's with brandi. we had a good time and i made $20 bucks dancing. this was not, in any way, the stripper variety but rather the 'i want to dance with your friend and she won't dance w/out you so here's $20 to come dance with us' variety. the dancing lasted all of 35 seconds - no lie, then the song was over and they played a slow one. i don't feel bad about it either - is that wrong? we shut the place down and went to waffle house with brandi's friend and his friend. we were discussing tatoos and i stated that i wanted one but couldn't commit (that's about right) to a particular thing to permanently put on my body when the friend of a friend of a friend asked me 'what defines you?'

what? what defines me? nothing. i have tried very hard in my life to not let any one thing define me. i don't want to be that open and closed. i want to keep progressing. i guess i have always thought if i let something define me it would ultimately keep me from growing and learning as a person. but if something did define me - what would it be? should i let myself be defined? i don't feel like i could pinpoint one thing. it has always enraged me when other people think they know me and have me all figured out. 'how can you do that if i haven't' - if i decide something defines me, does that force me to admit that i am figured out?

of course i left my debit card and driver's license there (my tab at the bar) and had to go back up there to get them sunday. maybe cosmic payback for the $20. i only got 2 1/2 hours sleep.

sunday i didn't do a whole lot, i always keep depressed when i lie around so i did houseworky things.

Friday, July 08, 2005

life lesson #423

it turns out you cannot so much unlaminate something, as it were


just so you know

friday plus

my desktop:


every morning i check out ajc.com to play the little 'play four' game and then read and forward vents. i also check out 'second chances' to see the ajc personals picture for that day, it amuses me. today i clicked over and the dude's answer to 'why you should get to know me' is 'i like to give advice. . .' - what? really, really? that is the reason we should get to know you? who just likes getting random advice all day long? sersly, i am asking. that is what he wants us to know?

so, anyway - i woke up with a narly headache this morning and an overwhelming feeling that i am sick of myself right now. getting on your own nerves is the worst, you cannot ever get away from yourself.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

it's all about the hardware

i will not be blogger.com's bitch
i will not be blogger.com's bitch
i will not be blogger.com's bitch

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

josh: he's better than a 10 year old

i have been on quite the shopping spree lately. i realized yesterday that i have bought 5 pairs of shoes (that i plan on keeping) in the past week. 4 skirts (that i plan on keeping). 5 pairs of pants/capris (that i may or may not keep). 10 tops (that i plan on keeping). 3 pairs of shorts (that i may or may not keep). a couple of pj shorts (that i plan on keeping).

wow, that is way more than i realized. i did get everything on sale (major saleness) and my wardrobe definitly needed updating. but that seems kinda extreme. major extremeness. i think i shall be returning more.

god, i swear - i am going to punch blogger.com in the face! it takes at least 8,000 trys to upload a stupid picture.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i feel all uuuggghhh today. . .

plus icklike/sadish

while waiting on picture downloadingness

you can always see my sister's underwear

my to do list (just for fun - the posting of it not the to do list itself)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

'a licensed driver with nothing to do. . .

where would i find such a loser?'

we have this candle in the hallway that has always leaned differently/strangely but come on. . .

that is just all sorts of wrong

then i came home yesterday to find this had happened. . .

best moment of saturday:
the lawn mower starting up on the very first try

worst part of saturday:
struggling and trying to operate the piece of shit blower at grandma's

funniest moment of saturday:
kit-kat demonstrating and 'getting the full effect' of the blower at home depot (plus i cannot not make a sexual reference even though it isn't) this is the one we got.

funniest exchange of saturday:
kit-kat: 'i am freakin' hot'
me: 'well it is 80 degrees outside and you are wearing jeans'
kit-kat: 'that is not exactly the sympathy i was going for'

best momism of saturday:
kit-kat: in reference to the live aid concert 'isn't it over by now'
mom: 'no, it's all over the world'

i got this fortune in my cookie saturday:

i couldn't ever get the picture to focus well enough so it says 'a secret admirer will send you a sign of affection'

so, *waiting*

we went to see war of the worlds tonight and it was good, but we saw batman, which was excellent, last weekend and that was very hard to measure up to.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

hey blog readers, what doin'?

well, i’ve just returned home from my babysitting adventure, much unlike the movie – meaning no trips downtown to scale glass buildings and avoid unsuspecting parents all the while running from mob people. . . oh dear, i’m off on a tangent. ok, so, like i have pictures and stuff, plus more. the kids were super cute and we got along rather well. however, now my left wrist is all hurt like for some unknown like reason.

yesterday i had the most heartwarming, endearing, humbling experience/conversation with a two year old on the toilet. that is to say the two year old on was on the toilet and not i. i shall spare you the details because, well, it’s centers around a two year old on the toilet. i will say, however, that part of it included us having a fight over who was the silliest and that girl has quite the skill in the aiming department (yes girl and aim in the same sentence). trust me when i say that i am changed for a lifetime (in a good way mind you).

i have realized, however, i am not so good at the playing. i am good at the reading and the swinging and the taking care of the day-to-day business but the playing, with dolls and imagination and stuff - not so much.

knowing about this job coming up and the analyzation of several of my co-workers plus one relative has spawned me to evaluate my desire or undesire to have children.

conclusion: extremely neutral

for many years i just thought everyone got older, married and had children. when i grew up, i realized this was not necessarily true for everyone. as i got even older like (watch it) i realized this may not even be for me and after careful consideration i still don’t know. i have no driving desire and i sometimes think i ‘should’ want that but then it all goes back to wanting things and how i feel about that and you know how i feel about me wanting things. . .

anyway, here’s a list of what i did while babysitting
1 – checked email
2 – im’d with a good friend
3 – mentally rescripted the erotic story i have been meaning to actually write (obviously in the evenings when the youngins were in the bed)
4 – took pictures of my dirty words made with magnetized letters (to follow):

there's only one 'n' - wtf?

p.s. i am in love with homestar *swoon*
plus i am super excited to see 'stella'

Friday, July 01, 2005

another random conversation. . .

with my sister:

kit-kat: remember when i didn't get the 'd' and the fence?
me: toadily

all i need to know, i learned babysitting

1 - no matter what you do, you can never stop an open banana from rotting

2 - you don't need a reason why your favorite spot in the house is your favorite

3 - british programming far outways american (with the exception of the wiggles)

4 - kids don't care if you are having a killer hair day

5 - you can make bad words out of the magnetic letters and no one is the wiser

6 - sometimes unmatched clothes make the best outfits

7 - coloring outside the lines is the only way to go

8 - you truly can change someone's day with just a smile

9 - kids do not care what time it is ever

10 - child and adult alike - your day is broken up by potty breaks