Sunday, July 03, 2005

'a licensed driver with nothing to do. . .

where would i find such a loser?'

we have this candle in the hallway that has always leaned differently/strangely but come on. . .

that is just all sorts of wrong

then i came home yesterday to find this had happened. . .

best moment of saturday:
the lawn mower starting up on the very first try

worst part of saturday:
struggling and trying to operate the piece of shit blower at grandma's

funniest moment of saturday:
kit-kat demonstrating and 'getting the full effect' of the blower at home depot (plus i cannot not make a sexual reference even though it isn't) this is the one we got.

funniest exchange of saturday:
kit-kat: 'i am freakin' hot'
me: 'well it is 80 degrees outside and you are wearing jeans'
kit-kat: 'that is not exactly the sympathy i was going for'

best momism of saturday:
kit-kat: in reference to the live aid concert 'isn't it over by now'
mom: 'no, it's all over the world'

i got this fortune in my cookie saturday:

i couldn't ever get the picture to focus well enough so it says 'a secret admirer will send you a sign of affection'

so, *waiting*

we went to see war of the worlds tonight and it was good, but we saw batman, which was excellent, last weekend and that was very hard to measure up to.


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