Tuesday, June 21, 2005


so i completely forgot to mention the trip to heaven after our dinner monday night, but now - i don't really care about it anymore.

well, it's my birthday - if you can believe that. i messed with my hair too much this morning (it just wouldn't part correctly) and there is a frizzy bit right on top - ugg.

so i have done a minimal amount of work today and i currently am iming with 4 different folks.

last night i was taken (not in the 'against my will' variety) to tijuana garage (well, i picked it) and it was good but extremely far away. so far, for my bday i have, so far, recieved:

1 - 2 dinners - deliscioso
2 - pedicure kit thingie - cool
3 - sweet pea body splash - very good
4 - apron, kitchen towl & hand soap - wtf?
5 - a yellow rose - neutral/ugg


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