Tuesday, June 21, 2005

my left shoe is making a weirdo noise this morning

i hate it when my cell phone goes from fully charged to semi-charged. i always get disappointed when i don't see all the little bars.

last night we went to ambra for a celebratory dinner for my sister's roommate, amanda's and my birthday. it is down in the industrial district and for most of our outing we were the only ones there. i am not even lying. we were literally the only ones. so, we walk in and the host/waiter/server/bartender/busboy seats us. so we were waiting on one member of our party and when she walked in and we all wave at her like she won't be able to see us otherwise. we all order drinks, appetizers and salads. so 2 appetizers, 4 salads, 5 entrees, 11 drinks, 5 coffees and 4 desserts later the conversation is turns to sex and toys (specifically - vibrators). plus - of course it does.

things said:
1 - 'someone is coming in a bowl' (this was in reference to the dessert served in a bowl and not at all meant sexually but of course taken that way)
2 - 'i don't have a vibrator but i take care of things otherwise. and i just said that really loudly' (extended period of laughing)
3 - 'those two are the sluts'

gifts i recieved:
1 - rose teapot with a butterfly on top - so cute
2 - a case thingie for my ipod that absorbs shock - the most perfect gift for me ever


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