Friday, June 17, 2005

why do people suck?

this is the question posed by my sister last evening. i was sitting (annoyedly) in a friend's car when my cell phone should ring. the conversation went something like the following:

me: 'hello'
katie: 'why do people buy little sporty cars and then only drive them 5 miles/hour?'
me: 'i have no idea, but i hate that - why do they do that?'
katie: 'i am behind this guy in a sports car and he is driving so slow. you know when there is 12 car lengths between you and the car in front of you - there is a problem. people suck!'
me: 'yea, and why do people insist on dragging you along to run all their errands'
katie: 'i don't know but i am about to be doing the same thing! people suck!'
me: 'i hate that, i don't make you go on errands with me - don't make me go with you!'

i always feel trapped because they get me in their car and make me go 8 other places than the one they promised we were going to - don't do that! then katie proceeds to tell me how she is meeting a friend that is about to make her do the same thing and we discuss how we both have to go to target but we aren't telling the respective friends and are doing it after we leave them. weird

so i am super hungry and waiting on my pizza to heat up. hurry up pizza!

friday underwear check: yes.


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