Monday, June 20, 2005

happy birthday amanda!!!!

sometimes i think my car is trying to make me sneeze. sometimes when i get in it i get this feeling in my nose, like i need to sneeze. i can sense some sort of something in the air, not a smell so much as a sensation, a trying to make you sneeze sensation.

so, do you sometimes realize that a name of something really makes no sense? or is just incredible dumb and non-descriptive. like stone mountain - yea what else are mountains made out of? it just hit me this weekend 'stone mountain' god that's lame. also, i have always hated red lobster - that is so stupid. red. . . lobster. for so many years i have just accepted these lame names but no more! i shall start rejecting them!

i could describe my weekend but it really isn't worth it. except i am horrified at what i actually ate for dinner last night.


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