Wednesday, June 29, 2005

'i did it all for the nookie'

ok, so, like i am in love with the shoes i have on today but i am positive i will hate them by the end of the day. (pictures later)

i have my new digital camera with me today but of course no way of hooking it up to my computer. that is just how i roll.

i am podcasting right now and after 3minutes i am totally addicted. the guy is all rambling on about mexican restaurants in the south and then he said 'fuck' - gotta love that! you don't get that stuff on regular radio. plus there is one that is called 'bedtime stories with the anti-christ' - i don't care who you are, you gotta love that.

random conversations w/my sister:

me: hey, member when we had that lower ball joint recall?
kit-kat: omg
kit-kat: sersly


me: member that time we went to (friend's name)'s non-wedding?
kit-kat: totally


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