Saturday, July 02, 2005

hey blog readers, what doin'?

well, i’ve just returned home from my babysitting adventure, much unlike the movie – meaning no trips downtown to scale glass buildings and avoid unsuspecting parents all the while running from mob people. . . oh dear, i’m off on a tangent. ok, so, like i have pictures and stuff, plus more. the kids were super cute and we got along rather well. however, now my left wrist is all hurt like for some unknown like reason.

yesterday i had the most heartwarming, endearing, humbling experience/conversation with a two year old on the toilet. that is to say the two year old on was on the toilet and not i. i shall spare you the details because, well, it’s centers around a two year old on the toilet. i will say, however, that part of it included us having a fight over who was the silliest and that girl has quite the skill in the aiming department (yes girl and aim in the same sentence). trust me when i say that i am changed for a lifetime (in a good way mind you).

i have realized, however, i am not so good at the playing. i am good at the reading and the swinging and the taking care of the day-to-day business but the playing, with dolls and imagination and stuff - not so much.

knowing about this job coming up and the analyzation of several of my co-workers plus one relative has spawned me to evaluate my desire or undesire to have children.

conclusion: extremely neutral

for many years i just thought everyone got older, married and had children. when i grew up, i realized this was not necessarily true for everyone. as i got even older like (watch it) i realized this may not even be for me and after careful consideration i still don’t know. i have no driving desire and i sometimes think i ‘should’ want that but then it all goes back to wanting things and how i feel about that and you know how i feel about me wanting things. . .

anyway, here’s a list of what i did while babysitting
1 – checked email
2 – im’d with a good friend
3 – mentally rescripted the erotic story i have been meaning to actually write (obviously in the evenings when the youngins were in the bed)
4 – took pictures of my dirty words made with magnetized letters (to follow):

there's only one 'n' - wtf?

p.s. i am in love with homestar *swoon*
plus i am super excited to see 'stella'


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