Tuesday, July 19, 2005


this morning i had a dream where my sister was housesitting at my grandparent's house and my old roommate and i went to pick her up in this old van for some odd reason and it was really dark out. when we got there her roommate was there and a friend of their's too. she was kinda standing around not ready to go while i was trying to usher her out the door. everyone was just kinda looking at me. she had been making cookies and they were all over the counter and i ate one. i kept thinking 'why is the radio so loud' and i would go over and turn it off but then there was always another one on - really loud. needless to say it was my radio that should have woken me up. i couldn't get her to leave the freaking house and we were running super late.

i keep hearing these western union commercials - who are these people wiring money all over? i have never personally wired or been wired money or known anyone that has been either of those things. but whatever.


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