Monday, July 18, 2005

well it's monday again

there is nothing like getting picked up on the way to work. i was patiently waiting for the light to change to green and there is this guy in a van next to me yelling and whistling and woohooing and BANGING ON THE SIDE OF THE VAN. god what a freaking idiot.

this weekend i was busy housesitting the licker again and since last time i took the opportunity to catch up on sex and the city, this time i used my time to catch up on queer as folk. can i just say that without a doubt brian kinney is, by far, THE hottest man to ever walk the earth. i totally mean that. however, i would do anything to pick up emmett honeycutt and put him in my pocket so he could be my best friend ever.

so, that was my weekend - not at all exciting/interesting.


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