Wednesday, July 06, 2005

josh: he's better than a 10 year old

i have been on quite the shopping spree lately. i realized yesterday that i have bought 5 pairs of shoes (that i plan on keeping) in the past week. 4 skirts (that i plan on keeping). 5 pairs of pants/capris (that i may or may not keep). 10 tops (that i plan on keeping). 3 pairs of shorts (that i may or may not keep). a couple of pj shorts (that i plan on keeping).

wow, that is way more than i realized. i did get everything on sale (major saleness) and my wardrobe definitly needed updating. but that seems kinda extreme. major extremeness. i think i shall be returning more.

god, i swear - i am going to punch blogger.com in the face! it takes at least 8,000 trys to upload a stupid picture.


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