Thursday, April 10, 2008

what is the world coming to?

i remember a time when one was handed their change, after the purchase of goods , in an efficient and helpful manner. what happened? years ago i worked retail and i always handed someone their coins and then the bills and then the receipt being sure to give them time to put everything away before walking away from my counter. nowadays everything is stacked into one pile and handed to you all at once.


then, you have to stand there and juggle the change into its place, separate the bills from the receipt, put them in their home and then deal with receipt (usually shoving it down in the bag).** and then when you don't move out of the way immediately you piss off everyone in line behind you and the checkout clerk. i can always feel them burning wholes into the side of my head with their glares.

i miss change transaction efficiency

**the answer to 'would you like your receipt in the bag or with you' should always be 'in the bag' so let's start putting it there without asking the question. if lone werido wants it with them, they can pull it out later.