Thursday, March 24, 2005

thursday plus

i seem to have lost all control over my quarters today. i keep finding quarters around on the floor that i have dropped - at some point during the day. that or either the are drawn to me somehow and are moving towards my floor space.

well, i shot up last night for the very first time ever - nasal spray that is. it isn't as bad as i thought. my ear was a little better - but now i can hear myself breathe. it has gotten darn old!

'it's the cranberry sauce of easter'

'and cranberry sauce is the peeps of thanksgiving'

my sister (katie) does not like cranberry sauce however, this does not stop her in any way from trying it every year at thanksgiving and every year - she stills hates it. same goes for peeps - she thinks she is going to like them but alas - she never does.

peeps are good but chocolate covered marshmallows are better - easter candy is by far the best kind of candy, hands down, no competition.

well it's thursday and there are still assholes out there driving - i encountered three just this very morning on my way to work.

i just ran spell check and to my surprise i can spell encountered correctly but not marshmallows??? that is just odd.

i just got a huge craving for a s'more - god i love s'mores, i am so making them tonight. how can you resist toasted marshmallows and melty chocolate and crunchy-like graham crackers, mmmmmmmmmmm - i am having a little fit about them right now.

well, i haven't done anything retared yet today - but it is only 11am so give it some time - i shall up date you as to what i did and when it happened.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

come on people. . .

does everyone have to drive like an asshole? really? i drive like a maniac sometimes but come on people! can we all work on paying attention whilst driving instead of looking around like some special class of dumbass?

day 9 of clogged-up-ear syndrom and just now do i realize that the nasal spray the doctor gave me - and that i refused to actually use - was supposed to clear out my ear and not the allegra. god i rock in so many ways it's not even funny.

anna = fucking genius

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

'it's like a pub!'

you will have to forgive me - i am a little spacey this morning - i am still trying to unclog my ear - it has been a week!

so last night was the concert! maroon 5 and THE DONNAS! we met for dinner and some drinks at this irish pub near the venue and we took their shuttle over to the venue. as we were walking to the shuttle katie says 'it's like a pub' - it was, in fact, not like a pub but like a cab you would see in london - complete with the steering wheel on the wrong side and flippie back seats. good call katie (she didn't even have any alcohol).

so the concert totally blew me away! we were on the 11th row. the donnas were up first and they were great - they had my sister and i out of our seats (just about the only ones). we danced our little butts off (well, katie was rocking out - i was all regular dancing like). jenn even got up for the last song and did a little headbanger thing. the hard core rockers were in the lobby signing stuff for fans and katie and i almost got in line. then we decided that once we got thru the line we would feel like a couple of crazed 15 year olds - and we aren't. so we headed back to our seats.

next up was maroon 5 (or as i like to call them - the skinniest rock band ever, katie says 'except for maybe jet'). mr. adam levine is one fine mofo. and i mean that sincerely. he was in a car accident recently and had a broken sternum and he said that he was not his usual animated self. let me tell you that he was great, even in his broken sternum like state. i don't think anyone minded. that man i superfly. i cannot even describe his sexiness - it is something you must experience for yourself. they played old songs and a few new ones and then played oasis - that was just darn awesome.

after it was over we all dispersed to our respective beds and here i am at work - the next morning, last night was great.

Monday, March 21, 2005

oh my. . .

well i find the second thing slightly disturbing

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'maybe you have a fax machine'

enough already! it has been an entire week with my glogged up ear! i am sick of it!

tonight is the night!!! we are going to see the donnas, which i am super excited about. however - if i cut my ear off - i doubt the hospital will let me out to see them.

p.s. i hate spring

more later

2pm update - well, i just can't help but be retarded - i posted the exact same comment twice!

Friday, March 18, 2005


happy friday ever-body! well, i have nothing to say really. my ear is still all clogged-up-like and i don't really have big plans for the weekend. i am super boring - don't you wish you were me? anyway, monday is the donnas and maroon 5 concert so i am excited about that. i will update later if something even semi-interesting comes to mind.

3:56pm update: today has pretty much sucked ass

Thursday, March 17, 2005

hey blog readers

happy st. patrick's day everybody! i don't even care about this day anymore - i guess i am old now.

i feel so out of it lately, i think it is because my right ear is all clogged-up-like, what's up with that anyhow?

so there is this cashier at my neighborhood grocery store that is a dead ringer for one mr. adam rove - now this kid cannot be any older than 16, which makes him a good 12 YEARS younger than me. but this in no way stops me from pretending he is my boyfriend as he checks me out (and by 'checks me out' i mean 'rings up my groceries'). nothing preverted - i just like to pretend that we hold hands walking down the hall to class. it's kind of sweet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

'beware the ides of march'

happy shakespearian play murder day everybody!

i haven't posted in over a week!!! i was in san diego, ca - it is so pretty there, i tried to figure out how to move there, alas - i am back in atlanta (oh well).

i am sure i have lots to say but i am totally distracted today, for no reason. i hope every one had a good second week of march. i can't believe it is only tuesday - this week is super draging!

well, i suppose that is all for now - sorry for the lameness

Friday, March 04, 2005

'why are you came?'

happy friday all! this morning on my way to work i witnessed a touching father/son moment. i looked in my rearview mirror and spied what seemed to be dad taking junior to school - they weren't really talking or anything and then all at once dear 'ol dad picked his nose. awesome. then not even 3mins later junior picked his nose. double awesome. family trait? guy thing? gross to pick nose in traffic?

my friend kelly just called to let me know our ticket for the donna’s came in and we are f2 row k – so that rocks all kinds of shit! (see seating chart below)i don’t know what i just said.

i was super busy this morning at work, and now – not so much, which is nice except i have to get ready for my trip.

kristin is sending me a mixed cd she made – how awesome is that i ask you?

plus i am leaving tomorrow for san diego on business – i hope we have fun. it will interesting if nothing else.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

look it

i am fighting with the universe. last night it took me 1 hour to get to they gym (a trip that normally takes 15 - 20mins). ONE HOUR!!!! however, i did still end up going instead of bailing - like i normally would. so i finish my workout and head home - which takes 20mins longer than it should have - at this point i am ready to poke someone's eyes out.

so this morning, for some reason i cannot tear myself out of bed (so tired lately). once i finally get ready for work and spend 15mins fucking with my shirt. it has these button-on cuff thingies and i cannot seem to get them on straight or correct or not retarded in anyway. finally i get them on and head off to work where i get stuck in hella traffic. finally i arrive at work and i take my coat off and sit down at my desk and realize my cuff thingies are on backwards - GOD!!! while i am switching them around i pull one of the buttons completely off. another fuck you from the universe.

then as i am trying to publish this post it doesn't go thru (am i surprised?) and i have to retype the whole damn thing. whatever, i am over it all now.

extra tidbit - my old roommate used to tell me she had to go shopping for 'hygiene products' that phrase would creep me out like nobody's business

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

i did nothing at all and it was everything i thought it could be

somedays i get bogged down in the monotony of it all

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i have to pee

well, it's the first day of march and it is snowing! i love snow! especially surprise snow!!!

well, it stopped snowing - i can't figure out what i am doing!!! this stupid computer i am working on is way dumb and it is starting to piss me off.