Thursday, March 24, 2005

'it's the cranberry sauce of easter'

'and cranberry sauce is the peeps of thanksgiving'

my sister (katie) does not like cranberry sauce however, this does not stop her in any way from trying it every year at thanksgiving and every year - she stills hates it. same goes for peeps - she thinks she is going to like them but alas - she never does.

peeps are good but chocolate covered marshmallows are better - easter candy is by far the best kind of candy, hands down, no competition.

well it's thursday and there are still assholes out there driving - i encountered three just this very morning on my way to work.

i just ran spell check and to my surprise i can spell encountered correctly but not marshmallows??? that is just odd.

i just got a huge craving for a s'more - god i love s'mores, i am so making them tonight. how can you resist toasted marshmallows and melty chocolate and crunchy-like graham crackers, mmmmmmmmmmm - i am having a little fit about them right now.

well, i haven't done anything retared yet today - but it is only 11am so give it some time - i shall up date you as to what i did and when it happened.


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