Tuesday, March 22, 2005

'it's like a pub!'

you will have to forgive me - i am a little spacey this morning - i am still trying to unclog my ear - it has been a week!

so last night was the concert! maroon 5 and THE DONNAS! we met for dinner and some drinks at this irish pub near the venue and we took their shuttle over to the venue. as we were walking to the shuttle katie says 'it's like a pub' - it was, in fact, not like a pub but like a cab you would see in london - complete with the steering wheel on the wrong side and flippie back seats. good call katie (she didn't even have any alcohol).

so the concert totally blew me away! we were on the 11th row. the donnas were up first and they were great - they had my sister and i out of our seats (just about the only ones). we danced our little butts off (well, katie was rocking out - i was all regular dancing like). jenn even got up for the last song and did a little headbanger thing. the hard core rockers were in the lobby signing stuff for fans and katie and i almost got in line. then we decided that once we got thru the line we would feel like a couple of crazed 15 year olds - and we aren't. so we headed back to our seats.

next up was maroon 5 (or as i like to call them - the skinniest rock band ever, katie says 'except for maybe jet'). mr. adam levine is one fine mofo. and i mean that sincerely. he was in a car accident recently and had a broken sternum and he said that he was not his usual animated self. let me tell you that he was great, even in his broken sternum like state. i don't think anyone minded. that man i superfly. i cannot even describe his sexiness - it is something you must experience for yourself. they played old songs and a few new ones and then played oasis - that was just darn awesome.

after it was over we all dispersed to our respective beds and here i am at work - the next morning, last night was great.


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