Thursday, March 03, 2005

look it

i am fighting with the universe. last night it took me 1 hour to get to they gym (a trip that normally takes 15 - 20mins). ONE HOUR!!!! however, i did still end up going instead of bailing - like i normally would. so i finish my workout and head home - which takes 20mins longer than it should have - at this point i am ready to poke someone's eyes out.

so this morning, for some reason i cannot tear myself out of bed (so tired lately). once i finally get ready for work and spend 15mins fucking with my shirt. it has these button-on cuff thingies and i cannot seem to get them on straight or correct or not retarded in anyway. finally i get them on and head off to work where i get stuck in hella traffic. finally i arrive at work and i take my coat off and sit down at my desk and realize my cuff thingies are on backwards - GOD!!! while i am switching them around i pull one of the buttons completely off. another fuck you from the universe.

then as i am trying to publish this post it doesn't go thru (am i surprised?) and i have to retype the whole damn thing. whatever, i am over it all now.

extra tidbit - my old roommate used to tell me she had to go shopping for 'hygiene products' that phrase would creep me out like nobody's business


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