Wednesday, February 23, 2005

waiting. . .

i am so bored, i have nothing to do. i am in a holding pattern with 3 projects but i have nothing to do until i hear back from people. this is going to be a long day and for some reason i swear it is thursday. it is nice outside again today (i am afraid i have become one of those people that likes nice weather - i hate those people).

my favorite weather is thunderstorms on saturdays when i have no place to be and i can watch movies all day - or college football, those are the best!

what kind of special breed of loser am i anyhow?

i am super sleepy today - we went out for a co-workers birthday last night. i should not be allowed to drink - i always blab on and on about stupid crap.

i am going to email susan now, she is having a baby and i have not heard from her in a while.


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