Monday, February 21, 2005

consider it stepped on

the other day i bought myself a 30 min ab dvd by victoria johnson. 'ab lab' is the title of it. tonight i popped it in and began the workout. Approximately 20 mins in we are lying on our backs doing chest presses with weights and miss johnson says ". . . make sure to keep the weights at nipple level."

"nipple level??? did she just say nipple? yes, yes she did - did i inadvertently buy a workout porn?"

who says nipple level during a workout? god that freaked me out - i am right in the middle of flattening my abs and then all i can think about is nipples. am i the only one to find that bizarre? i guess that explains why it was only $1.

anyway i forgot to tell you about the guy at publix. i am standing in the floral department and a customer at the counter asks me to spell 'perseverance'. what kind of floral arrangement does that go with??


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