Friday, February 11, 2005

friday (i know the title is super creative so no need to comment on it)

my sister katie told me to update my blog and i told her not to boss me! except that i am doing it - oh well. i don't know why she doesn't do her own blog - it would totally rock! katie = hi-lar-i-ous

if she knew that i have the worst hangover ever, she wouldn't harass me. last night i went to dinner with some work folks and got into a drinking contest with my friend donnie - i have no idea why. we were later joined by our friend tim where we proceeded to stay up until like 3am drinking - i have no idea why. and now i am super tired and have a massive headache - i didn't puke though so +200 points for me!

tim has a final today - good luck!

i think i shall write more later - i am to sluggish to continue right now


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