Monday, February 07, 2005

nick o.

saturday night katie and i had ourselves a sibling night. we went to mama fu's for dinner where i ended up with one defective chop stick and then proceeded to eat my food with the wrong end of the chop sticks - can i please go one day without being retarded in some form.

then we stopped by target to see if i could find the first season of the office but i couldn't. and i even asked someone! - i never ask, i don't really like talking to people. as we were leaving the security guard was talking to some woman on a bench and said "it was spanish gang bangers." i am very sorry to have missed whatever that was about.

next we went to see the wedding date where nick o. tore our ticket stubs and directed us to the right for our viewing pleasure. the movie was cute and i don't think i was retarded in the theater, but i could be wrong.

sunday night was the superbowl and i won $80 in our office pool - that makes me at least 73% more awesome than you. but now everyone wants to know where we are going to lunch - hands off! - i brought my lunch.

i should tell you that i almost won $160 and this woman in my office just came by my desk and asked me where i was taking her to lunch and then we chatted about how i almost won $160 and she told me not to be greedy, don't be greeedy?! how about you not be greedy!!! - WHAT THE FUCK?!


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