Thursday, February 03, 2005

i don't wanna flail

uughh - this blog sucks! i am feeling stressed lately - but i don't really know why. people are irritating me (more than usual). i don't feel like talking to any of my friends. i don't really know what that is about.

i used to do this thing where i would sit really still and barely breathe and see if time would slow down - but it never did, i guess i don't have those special time slowing down powers - bummer.

i love dashes for some reason - - - i find them fun - - - but only with spaces on either side - must - have - the - spaces.

i never cry at commercials - NEVER - but that one publix commercial with the little boy and his mom and he wants to bake a heart shaped cake and then he gives it to his mom - gets me everytime - fuckin' publix.

sometimes i write poems but they mostly suck.


  • Thank you for posting about the Publix commercial. I am the real life mom of the boy in the commercial (Zach Mills). Since we live in LA we haven't seen the commercial yet, so I really appreciate seeing feedback like yours. Zach had a great time filming and his TV mom was so kind to him on the set, he really liked her. He even gave her a book. I think their genuine affection came across. Can't wait to see it. I've been looking for a download because I haven't received the CD copy yet. Regards, Kerry

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 13, 2005 at 4:47 PM  

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