Monday, February 07, 2005

ugh balls

the other night we went out for my friend ashley's birthday - she just turned 26 - yea ashley!!! anyway, we ate thai food and went to listen to a live band. at the bar jennifer ordered a crown and coke. just a regular crown and coke, except in her drink she received 9 (yep NINE) pieces of lime, so my question is - exactly how many pieces of lime do you need in one crown and coke?

the opening guy was ok, he was cute but in desperate need of a new pair of jeans - he was missing the material from his entire right knee. please, someone tip this poor guy! so then the band came on and they were pretty good, except there was a constant rotation of guitar players and drummers and there was one fiddle player (whom ashley was in love with). jimmy the fiddle player - ashley commented that she liked his jeans, she liked the cut, color and the ankles. the ankles? so i said she just liked them down around his ankles (aren't i clever?)

anyway, there was this one guy who quickly was nicknamed the bad clapper. this poor boy had no rhythm - i am not claiming in any way that i can dance but dang he was bad. and entirely too concerned that the band get drunk - he kept buying drinks and giving them to the rotating band members. i just found that very odd (but then again i am weird).

up on the wall above the band was a bumper sticker that read "ugh balls" i really wish i knew what that meant.

so, that was ashley's birthday - cheers to the bad clapper.


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