Monday, February 14, 2005

see we plan ahead, that way we don't do anything right now

earl explained it to me.

my sister and i are three years apart and look nothing alike but have been asked (3 times in one week) if we were twins. we are, in fact, not twins but we have the "twinspeak" thing going on. the other night ashley said "sometimes i think they have their own language" - sidegrade.

anyway, why is it you can go weeks without people calling you and you are trying to get in touch with them to hang out or something and they blow you off. and then all of the sudden you have a day you are in a bad mood and don't want to talk to anyone and then all of the sudden everyone is your best friend and stuck up your ass! i am having that kind of past three days.

overheard saturday night at ashleys "just the right boob is furry"

ashley = too much information giver

gaby and maria want me to go to old navy at lunch today but i really need to go to harry's

kelly wants to go to dinner tonight - valentine's day. she wants to go to dinner on valentine's day - is she crazy there will only be around 11 million people trying to go out, i don't think she thought this one through, plus she has a boyfriend.

kelly = unclear thinker

well, i ended up going to old navy and spent $66 bucks - that's about right

anna = impluse buyer

ok, i just downloaded the new jt and snoop dogg song - i know, i know, i have no idea what is wrong with me but i love it!

i am having bunko at my house this month and we are out 2 girls! what will i do?


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