Monday, February 21, 2005

sounds like someone has the case of the mondays :(

god, i swear i do something retarded at least once a day. i was removing a program from my computer and then for some reason i decided to reomve microsoft office too - good one anna! i guess that is what i get from calling one of our managers an idiot. anyway, it has been reinstalled and all is well.

this weekend was rather quiet. a group of us went out to dinner friday night where several of the attendees proceeded to get very drunk - s'up c-squared and red hot! it was quite the evening. i layed around saturday and went shopping on sunday. i was looking for a birthday gift for a co-worker but ended up buying myself shoes instead. that's about right.

my friend june had her baby friday - a little girl! congratulations june and erik!!!

i have been doing a lot of soul searching lately about my life and i have come to no conclusions yet. . .

this post was pretty lame - sorry.


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