Tuesday, February 15, 2005

librarians don't lie

so one day my dear mother asks me to return an overdue book to our local library - she gives me a $20 to complete this errand. i drive over to our local library and go inside. i inform the librarian on duty that my book is late and i would like to pay the late fee. she scans (notice i said "scans") the book and informs me that the book is not overdue but there is another book that is overdue. she also informs me that from now on you can put the overdue books in the drop box and pay the fee next time you check something out. i tell the librarian that i will have to find the real overdue book and come back.

i get back in my car and call my mother and the conversation proceeds as follows:

anna: mom, that book isn't overdue
mom: yes it is, it was due on the 6th
anna: that is not what the librarian said, she said a different book was overdue
mom: that is not right, what book did she say was overdue?
anna: (i tell her the title - which i escapes me right now)
mom: no it isn't (getting noticeably irritated)
anna: (laughing) well, what do you want me to do? when she scanned it, she said it wasn't overdue
mom: what name did she type in?
anna: she didn't, she SCANNED the book, she didn't make up some magical name and decide something else was overdue
mom: well, that isn't right (getting more irritated)
anna: she also said you can put the overdue books in the drop box and pay next time
mom: well, i'm not doing that - what name did she put in?
anna: SHE DIDN'T - SHE SCANNED THE BOOK (laughing harder)
mom: anna, are you lying?
anna: no (still laughing)
mom: why are you laughing?
anna: because you are pissed off at the library
mom: this is so irritating, did you tell them?
anna: tell them what?
mom: that they are wrong?
anna: NO (about to wreck my car), librarians don't lie - what do you want me to do about it?
mom: well, i will just have to go up there - i have to go, bye
anna: bye library hater
mom: anna!
anna: bye mom

long story short, thanks for the $20 library hater!


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