Monday, October 31, 2005

because i do everything in excess

saturday my mother and i were shopping and i announced to her that i needed (and would like for xmas) a new raincoat and they only requirement was that it must have a hood. the reason for the new coat was due to my old one being too big and my other one does not, in fact, have a hood. and then i began reviewing the coats and/or jackets i own, the results to follow:

as of 10/30/05

3 raincoats
2 leather jackets
2 wool coats
2 vest things
2 jean jackets
one denim blazer
1 dumb causal one i hate and never wear and don't really count
one big bulky coat thing
3 light weight jacketie things that go w/workout pants
1 sweater (cardign style)

and i still need a casual light weight jacket that is not denim.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

good grief. . .

(in the vain of charlie brown) isn't it friday yet?

last night i was thinking about wanting things and what the heck do i want and do i really want those things or do i just think i do? i think people think they want certain things - or make themselves think they want those things - but once they start to achieve those things it turns out they didn't really want them, they just thought they did. i feel like we all go through life thinking we want certain things and then through the unique experiences that we go through we figure out what we thought we wanted is not what we wanted at all and it turns out we really want something different or, in reality, need something different.

either all that, or it's just me.

turns out - i don't give a crap about halloween.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

last night, whilst reconciling my checkbook. . .

i noticed that around mid october, i decided it was august and a good portion of the entries are dated 8/something. then, all of the sudden i decided it was october again and abruptly, and without warning, i started dating everything 10/whatever. i didn't even notice it when whilst i was doing it.


omg! the gap has new scarfs and i want them, i want them, i want them

sometimes i am totally caught off guard and am completely shocked at the sound of my voice - how odd it is.

Monday, October 24, 2005

miracle whip really is

i am a freak, FREAK, for chicken salad. i have tried and failed to make it numerous times. in this recent batch of retries, conversations and research i have tried and consumated a new recepie. see, the problem was, i was using low fat or fat free mayo and it is just gross-o. until someone suggested the whip that is miracle and even brought me some chicken salad made with it, to try. i was skeptical, but i did enjoy their chicken salad. so, this past weekend i tried it myself and i have made the best chicken salad ever, period.

my favorite childhood story

for most of my life i considered my stubbornness and detachedness a clear and direct result of the circumstances that make up my life. and then i am reminded of this story.

i was 2 or 3 maybe and my father was doing the dishes (as he did every night). i, of course, wanted to help so i dragged over the green stool that lived in our kitchen and begin to climb up. my father, trying to be helpful and all around generally nice, because he was, lifts me up and sits me on top of the stool. this angered my entire toddler body and i climb down and then back up. i could do it myself and didn't want any help.

so, the lesson here is that it is just who i am. don't help me. it's not that i don't appreciate it or consider the help, well, helpful - it's just that i must do everything, EVERYTHING, the hard way. i just really enjoy challenges, or it at least appears that way.

i don't know why but that is, by far, my favorite story from my childhood. the second would have to be when my sister was born (i was 3) and we went to the hospital. i do not remember this of course, but i am told we were peering thru the big window at all the new born babies and they were crying - wouldn't you be? - and i said 'they want they mommas'. how cute is that?

Friday, October 21, 2005

'you can't be any geek off the street'

there is this strange thing happening to me. throughout the day, every once in a while a article of clothing i am wearing vibrates for like 5 seconds. it is very subtle but it is happening. plus, it only seems to be on the left side. 2 weeks ago and last week it was my bra. this week it was my pants. so if i die of some weird body vibrating disease - know that at least i was aware of it.

have you noticed that no one hangs out anymore? i remember in highschool that we would go to someone's house and just 'hang out' - for the life of me i cannot remember what we did there. but i know that no one does it anymore - there is always some sort of activity involved. eating, drinking, spending money in some form - why, as adults, do we not just hang out and goof off? is it because we have money now? or are we just irritated with sitting around? or have we just turned into our parents and have 'things to do' instead of wasting time?

Cosmic Tidbit
October 21, 2005

With today's harmony between Venus, planet of love, and Neptune, planet of dreams and goals, look for romance to come easier than usual. If you want to catch the big fish of love, this is the day to bait the hook. Do you enjoy days made for flirting?

yes, yes i do

the other day i was doing my krogering and i found myself singing along to the music being played on their system. and then i realized it was 'regulate' by warren g. rap, in a grocery store - don't get me wrong, i love that song and knew all the words but what the heck? has kroger gone gansta?

Monday, October 17, 2005

steve holt!

there was a strange phenomenon happening this morning in gwinnett county - no one's car would go over 15 miles an hour. it was really strange.

gawd - this tree, i pass it every day and it has been like that for a good 4 months now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

things i think are weird

1 - married people who smoke, especially when only one of them does
2 - married people that workout at the gym without the other one

*there is more - i am just sure of it

needed: movie buddy, i must see these movies most immediatly
1 - wallace & grommet
2 - elizabethtown
3 - waiting
4 - roll bounce

i can't for chicken little, but i won't be able to contain myself until saw ii comes out.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i am so awesome

i solved this sucker!

am i the only one that thinks grey should be spelled with an 'a'?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i am such an ass

i could not have done it without help from my friend joshua. i thank him from the bottom of my heart and all they way to the top.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

whoot whoot!

i took a hold of the test's collar, threw it to the floor and made it my bitch.

i am offically a mcdst! i am offically a geek.

Monday, October 03, 2005

well, it finally happened

i knew this was coming. after all the use and abuse, the turning on, the speeding up the slowing down, the pausing - it has only been a matter of months but the batteries finally need replacing. my poor little tivo remote.

saturday night i had a sex dream about wentworth miller

it was litrally my best