Friday, October 21, 2005

'you can't be any geek off the street'

there is this strange thing happening to me. throughout the day, every once in a while a article of clothing i am wearing vibrates for like 5 seconds. it is very subtle but it is happening. plus, it only seems to be on the left side. 2 weeks ago and last week it was my bra. this week it was my pants. so if i die of some weird body vibrating disease - know that at least i was aware of it.

have you noticed that no one hangs out anymore? i remember in highschool that we would go to someone's house and just 'hang out' - for the life of me i cannot remember what we did there. but i know that no one does it anymore - there is always some sort of activity involved. eating, drinking, spending money in some form - why, as adults, do we not just hang out and goof off? is it because we have money now? or are we just irritated with sitting around? or have we just turned into our parents and have 'things to do' instead of wasting time?

Cosmic Tidbit
October 21, 2005

With today's harmony between Venus, planet of love, and Neptune, planet of dreams and goals, look for romance to come easier than usual. If you want to catch the big fish of love, this is the day to bait the hook. Do you enjoy days made for flirting?

yes, yes i do

the other day i was doing my krogering and i found myself singing along to the music being played on their system. and then i realized it was 'regulate' by warren g. rap, in a grocery store - don't get me wrong, i love that song and knew all the words but what the heck? has kroger gone gansta?


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