Monday, October 31, 2005

because i do everything in excess

saturday my mother and i were shopping and i announced to her that i needed (and would like for xmas) a new raincoat and they only requirement was that it must have a hood. the reason for the new coat was due to my old one being too big and my other one does not, in fact, have a hood. and then i began reviewing the coats and/or jackets i own, the results to follow:

as of 10/30/05

3 raincoats
2 leather jackets
2 wool coats
2 vest things
2 jean jackets
one denim blazer
1 dumb causal one i hate and never wear and don't really count
one big bulky coat thing
3 light weight jacketie things that go w/workout pants
1 sweater (cardign style)

and i still need a casual light weight jacket that is not denim.


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