Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i am sure it's just me. . .

but every time i see dane cook i think he is ryan reynolds.

plus - that domino's commercial with the brownie square looks like a hunk of shit. i swear, everytime he hugs that little girl and she has 'chocolate' on her i turn up my nose and think, that is so disgusting and in no way makes me want to order pizza or brownies.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

calling dr. house

this week has been 'strange diagnosis week' - i had dentist appointment tuesday morning and they took a picture of my tooth, the one waaaay in the back. apparently i have 'decay' and have to get that sealed or something (whatever they do for decay). i was telling my boss about this and he asks 'so you have a cavity?' - i say 'well, no one actually said the word cavity, but they are going to do something that sounds like what they do for a cavity.'

yesterday morning, while i am trying to eat breakfast, i notice i can't swallow as good as i could the night before. my throat doesn't hurt and i don't feel bad, but i am struggling to swallow. i go to the doctor and he says 'you have a bacterial infection here *points to a part of a picture of an ear* and it is making your gland swell causing you problems when you try to swallow.' i tell my co-worker about this and she asks 'so you have an ear infection?' - i say 'well, he didn't actually say ear infection.'

Thursday, September 14, 2006

sometimes i. . .

look in my pantry or refrigerator and say to myself 'really? this is what you have to eat? this is what you conscientiously go to the store and pay money for? really? this is it?'