Saturday, April 23, 2005

'why should i have to change my name, he's the one that sucks'

friday night was kinda crazy. went to dinner with kelly, went to see tim, went to party with paul. went back to paul's for more partying. once everyone left paul gets a call from some girl he has been sleeping with. he took off for her apartment even though he has a girl friend and he didn't even like the booty call girl. he said he feels like he is a bad boyfriend and i said he was and he said he doesn't know why he does it. before he left we talked about it but he still went over there. i spent the night at his place and i realized that he is struggling with what he wants and what he thinks he wants. then i realized we all are. who are we? what do we want? what do we really want?

i got my oil changed, went home, layed on the floor and watched tv for a couple of hours then finally got up and went to the gym.

today was all about directions being given out. i stopped for a bottle of water and this poor old man was trying to find 75N - which was really far away and the gas station guy was on the phone and wouldn't even talk to him - prick. so was trying to explain where to go and this other guy came in and helped too. i really hope he found where he was going.

once i got to the gym there was a group of ladies getting directions from some other lady. i didn't see jt today and my ipod fucked up so i was forced to listen to the lame gym music - that kinda sucked. the past two trips to they gym there have been a couple of guys standing around sitting on the machines and just talking.

dear gym assholes:
the gym is not a night club. get off the equipment if you are only going to sit there and shoot the shit.

sincerely, anna

and while i am at it. . .

dear baked doritos chip maker people:
i very much enjoy your product. please make more baked flavors. i would really appreciate the variety.

sincerely, anna

do you have one of those friends that makes crazy broad statements? i have this friend that i will call 'redneck' and she makes all these comparisons between us. the other day we were discussing how we don't wear sleeveless shirts because let's just say our arms are not our best feature. so then she says 'we are so much alike, we must be soul sisters!' - she actually freaking said this and was serious. really 'redneck'? really? let's not get carried away here.

that's all for now.


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