Tuesday, April 12, 2005

don't you just love it when you wear dirty clothes to work?

i am completely obssesed with the male species. how they think, act and interact. i am also totally jealous of the relationships they have with each other. i am jealous of two guys being friends - what is that and just how messed up is that? i want to be all up in their biznazz 24/7 - like a fly on the wall and in on all their inside jokes and the like. maybe it is just some twisted need to have the male attention, yea - that's probably it.

my sister and i always talked about doing a documentary on guys. like follow them around to various places and ask them all sorts of odd-like questions. maybe i will come up with a little sampling of questions. maybe i will even get some of the males i know to answer some of them. now i just have to decide what i really want to know about them. hhmmm i have assigned myself homework - that was pretty slick.

question suggestions are appreciated


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