Tuesday, April 19, 2005

confessions of a deorderant overuserer

i have a confession to make, i overapply my deoderant. i know, i know - the horror!!

i am, clearly, paranoid about b.o. and tend to apply far too much deoderant in the morning. this wouldn't really be a problem except that throughout the day little balls of deoderant drop out of my shirt. that can really put off the outside observer that has no idea of what it is and the amount of deodeant i use. so i just look like i have weird white shit coming out of my shirt


also, my feet are extra smelly - i have no idea why i don't have a boyfriend. . .

p.s. i do this thing in my car where i imagine there is a tv crew filming me drive to show how awesome i am. they are filming me to show how cool i drive and the cool music i listen to and how i know a bunch of short cuts - because these folks know where i am going and all.


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