Friday, April 15, 2005

happy tax day everybody

i got paid today and my tax return hit my checking account today - how awesome is that? well, it would be slightly more awesome if almost all of it didn't have to go immediatley to my credit card company. i am working hard to get that paid off - being in debt really sucks.

so it's friday and all and i can't wait to get the hell out of here - i am already bored. i have cleaned out all my email, read all my dailies and the only thing left to do is count down they day. (its only 8:39am). this won't be a long day or anything.

so at the gym yesterday jt played basketball and i could only semi-watch. what a hottie. then it appeared as if he were leaving, but to my surprise he walked back in, walked around the gym a little (he does that a lot) and then got on a treadmill - alas, it was not one next to me - maybe next week baby, maybe next week.

so the big party is tonight and i am less than excited about it - i am trying though, i want to have a good time with my friend brandi. i just have to get out of my funk. (guys suck - except of jt of course).

anyway, that's all for now - someone comment for the love of god!


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