Friday, April 22, 2005

a bitch with episodes

happy friday everyone! hey look - it's 'drops shit' anna and her sidekick 'spills shit' anna. if i could go one day without dropping or spilling one damn thing, i would die.

this morning as i was trying to wrangle my lunch into one of those grocery store produce bags the container holding and protecting my milk jumped out and hit floor
and busted
and spilled milk on the floor.

after i cleaned that up i make my way to my car and as i am putting all my junk in there i spill water all over the driver's seat.


also, i somehow have lost the ability to back out of the driveway without first driving thru part of the yard. i have been backing out of that driveway for 14 years and all of the sudden it's a turfin' free for all.

i am now safely at work - i guess we'll see how that goes. . .


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